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Customize Card Labels

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Card labels allow you to organize your cards better through color coding, making it easy to spot the different types of tasks you have on your board.

Add a Card Label

  • Click on the Settings button from the top right hand corner of your Kanban board, then click Board Settings.
Boards - Customize Card Labels - board settings
  • From the Settings menu, click on Label from the options. On the text box that says “Add Label”, type in the name of the new label that you want to add.
Boards - Customize Card Labels - add new label
  • Once done, click Enter to confirm.

Customize Card Labels

  • From the Labels tab on the Settings window, type in a new name for the card labels that you want to update.
  • To change the color of a card label, click on the colored boxes on the left side of the label names and choose a different color from the palette window.