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  • Click the Productivity Zone menu to the right of the Kanban Zone logo.
  • Click on My Zone

A key concept of Kanban is to focus on your top-level priorities. My Zone is built for exactly that. My Zone allows you to set personal WIP (work in progress) limits, plan your priorities, and focus on completing them.

My Zone Basics

My Zone is available to all Kanban Zone account holders. My Zone information is organization-specific to your account. When you belong to more than one organization, you can choose each organization independently to view your information by clicking on the left side of the screen.

sections in my zone

My Zone information is divided into 4 areas:

  • My Focus – this allows you to maintain a list of cards and tasks you are currently focused on. See more below.
  • My Boards – shows you all of the boards that you own.
  • My Stuff – shows you all the cards and tasks you own within the organization. See more below.
  • Column Watching – shows you all the cards that reside in any column you are watching within the organization.

My Focus

My Focus allows you to add and remove cards and tasks you are currently focused on. Once you have determined which items you want, the order of the items can be fine-tuned within the My Focus area to be sure you work the right items in the right order.

Add an item to My Focus

To add a card or task to your focus, simply locate the target icon (target icon) within Kanban Zone.

In My Zone, you can find the target action button on cards and tasks shown within the My Stuff and Column Watching items. Simply click the target and the card or task will be added to the My Focus area of My Zone for you.

setting a card as my focus

Once added to My Focus, the card or task target will have an indicator that it is in focus with an arrow in the target.

Search for an item to add to My Focus

Another way to add items to My Focus is to use the search at the top of My Zone. You can search for card or task descriptions to find the item you want to add. Once you find the item you want, click the item from the search results and it will be added to My Focus.

search for my focus

From within the Card Editor

When editing a card using the Card Editor, you can add a card to My Focus by clicking the target. This will immediately add the card to My Focus and change the indicator to the In focus indicator.

set my focus from the card editor

From the Card on Board ellipsis

When viewing a card on a board within Kanban Zone and Summary Zone, you can quickly add a card to My Focus by opening the ellipsis on a card and choosing ‘Add to My Focus’. This will immediately add the card to My Focus and show the In focus indicator.

setting a card as my focus from the board

Remove an item from My Focus

To remove a card or task from within My Focus, click the icon unfocus icon at the end of the card or task you want to remove from your focus. This will set the item back to being unfocused. The card or task is not affected for anyone else but your view in My Zone as it will no longer appear in your My Focus area for this organization.

unfocusing a card

Order Items within My Focus

Grab a My Focus Item using the drag handle then drop it where you need it to help you stay on task.

reordering my focus items

Personal WIP Limits

A key concept of Kanban is WIP (Work In Progress). By limiting your work in progress, you improve your ability to focus and raise your efficiency, reducing wasteful task switching time. My Zone can help you do this by allowing you to set a Personal WIP limit. Once set, My Zone will give you a visual indication if you are over/under your desired limits. These limits can be set within the My Zone Settings.

my focus wip limit

My Boards

My Boards section shows you all of the boards that you own in the organization.

my zone section screenshot

Here, you can see the state of your board (how many cards are in each state), the number of people on your board, and your role in the board. You can also favorite the board by clicking on the heart button on the right side of your board.

To navigate to the board, click on the title of the board.

To see all of the boards that you have, click ‘Show More’.

My Stuff – Cards vs Tasks

My Stuff shows you all cards and tasks you own within the organization. At the top of My Stuff, you can switch your view to Cards or Tasks by using the switcher icon at the top of the My Stuff section.

switcher between cards and tasks

Cards View:

card view in my stuff

Task View:

task view in my stuff

Column Watching

Watching columns is a very simple way to never miss cards that enter a specific column. With My Zone, you can now see cards from all the columns you are watching across your organization. You can choose to open a card to do your work right away and move the card to the next column, or you can add any of these cards to My Focus to make sure that you complete your work on this card before moving it to the next column.

column watching in my zone

Customizing your My Zone View

Like all of our Zones, each Zone allows you to set your customized view to help include/remove indicators to help you work how you like. At the top right of My Zone, choose the Zone Options zone options icon button to view the customizable Zone settings.

You can set your personal My Zone WIP minimum and maximum limits. For My Stuff and Column Watching sections, you can choose how many items to show when you open My Zone to help focus. In addition, you can set the order of the sections by dragging and dropping within this menu the order you prefer your My Zone sections to display.

my zone options

Grouping and Sorting

Grouping and Sorting are available within the My Stuff and Columns Watched sections within My Zone.

grouping and sorting in my zone

Grouping by board names with options A-Z or Z-A will automatically load all items within the section and group them by board name so that you can easily locate items you are looking for.

Sorting by card last edited date or the item’s due date with options oldest-newest or newest-oldest will sort the items accordingly.

In Focus Indicators

Once you have items in your My Focus, you will see an indicator on cards and tasks in other zones. For example, when you view a card on a board in the Kanban or Summary Zone, you will see the focus target on the card on the board for cards you have in your My Focus.

in focus indicator on the board

Filter by In Focus

When you click the filter icon, you will see an option to filter by “Only Focus Cards”.

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