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What is Kanban Zone…

Kanban Zone is an effective online Kanban solution that enables teams to work more efficiently. Using Kanban Zone will help your teams visualize, analyze and improve the way you deliver value, in line with the Kanban method. Leverage our extensive collection of board templates to plan both your business and personal goals.

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Real-time collaboration

Unleash your true potential. Invite for free as many clients, friends and family members to collaborate in real-time by sharing important information, taskscomments, attachments from anywhere, anytime. Identify and eliminate costly bottlenecks quickly with Kanban Zone analytics. Plan, monitor, and scale your project’s performance using our state-of-the-art custom board editor.

Complex Boards

You have tried all the other tools out there and none can reproduce the board that you really need? We can! We have created the most customizable board editor to handle the most complex boards you can imagine. If you seek to create the board that truly suits your needs, then try our board editor, or leverage one of our board template.

Linking cards across boards

Because Kanban boards can be used to manage any process at any level within an organization, the cards in Kanban Zone offer a simple way to link cards and therefore also connect boards. Cards can have the following links to other cards: parent/child and predecessor/successor.

User Friendly on any surface

Kanban boards should be available in your pocket or on a massive screen. Our interface is built to provide the best experience whether you are viewing your work on your phone, tablet, laptop, monitor, smart board, etc… We built an online solution not only to be mobile and easy to share across distributed team members, but also be as user friendly as a real physical Kanban board.

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