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Dimitri Ponomareff is a Coach. Transforming organizations to deliver value faster since 2005, using Agile, Scrum/XP first, and then blending Lean and Kanban. Dimitri has the ability to relate and energize people. He is consistently recognized as a very passionate and successful change agent, with an overwhelming capacity to motivate and mobilize teams on their path to continuous improvements.

Supercharge Your Productivity: Combine Kanban Boards with The Pomodoro Technique

These days, everyone is quick to brag about their ability to multitask. Interview two dozen candidates for an open position and you will undoubtedly hear every one of them tell you how well they multitask. This 21st-century buzzword has become a badge of honor for people both personally and professionally. It’s become a race to see how many things we can do simultaneously without our heads exploding. Unfortunately, multitasking simply does not work and should be avoided. Why? Because the more you try to spread your limited attention across more and more items, the less you actually accomplish. Multitasking not only creates waste and reduces quality, but it’s also a productivity and efficiency killer. Bust the Multitasking Myth with Pomodoro Rather than multitasking, what we should strive for is the ability to completely focus on one task until completion. The better we get at sharpening and limiting our focus,

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Travel the World with this Vacation Planning Kanban board

If you are like me, I work with the goal to enjoy my well-deserved time off. I want to discover the world and travel to the best destinations. Unfortunately, I don’t prioritize my vacation planning. Instead, when it’s time to take a vacation, I simply book it. So, I only focus on that vacation, but it feels like I should be more strategic... I use Kanban for almost everything I do, so why not also for vacation planning? Follow a simple process to plan vacations Booking the ideal vacation takes more than just picking a destination. The process can be kept simple and I have boiled it down to: planning, booking, visualizing and closing. For the final step when returning from vacation, I use a quick decision point to “Do it again” for a fun experience, or “Never again” to make sure to not recommend it to anyone. You

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Putting the Zone in Kanban Zone

The month of May 2020 will be all about gradually rolling out Summary Zone. The goal is to offer organizations the ability to visualize multiple boards in a single view, with advanced filters and sorting options. We have built Kanban Zone to handle Portfolio Kanban and this continues to support that direction. Today’s change - Exposing the column states on boards In order to combine cards from multiple boards on a single Kanban board, we are making the column states much more visible across Kanban Zone. The first time you can set a column state is under the board editor because each column that can contain cards must be associated with a "state" (To Do, In Progress, Done, None). Learn more about the column states... Although these column states have always been in Kanban Zone, we never exposed them clearly on boards (only in reports). The first noticeable change

COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness Plan in Kanban – World Health Organization

As this world pandemic hit our global community, we wanted to find a way to provide help. In times like this, it’s key to understand your specific strengths and focus on these to help others. In our case, we provide the ability to create online Kanban boards and we have a team of Kanban experts, so we decided to research ways to visualize a plan to handle a pandemic. Since a Kanban board is a visual representation of a process, we went straight to the World Health Organization and were provided a process document that focused on providing the essential steps for developing or updating a national pandemic influenza preparedness plan. We immediately transformed this process into a visual Kanban board that anyone can use for free in Kanban Zone. Why a Kanban board? Documents are great to provide in-depth information about a subject, but even if they provide

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Card Aging – A Fun and Helpful Visual Signal for Kanban

Kanban promotes visualizing work. This can be accomplished by having a Kanban board with explicit agreements, WIP limits, and cards with clear signals. Because Kanban is all about improving the flow of work, it’s great to see bottlenecks, but the ability to visualize card aging is both fun and very helpful. What is Card Aging? The second a card is created on a Kanban board, the clock starts ticking to calculate the cycle time of the card. This cycle time is very useful to understand the responsiveness of a Kanban team, but instead of waiting to see that a card took too long once it reaches the final "Done" state… What if cards that don’t move fast enough, wouldn’t it be great to know while the cards are still in play? That’s card aging. In the screenshot above, we show the board settings that can be customized

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Thank You for Making Kanban Zone the Leader in Kanban Software

We listed Kanban Zone on G2 just a few months ago and since then our scores based on customer reviews have continuously moved us towards the Leaders quadrant. It’s with great pleasure that we share this G2 Grid screenshot below to capture this important moment in time for our company, but also for anyone seeking the best Kanban Software... We are the leader! A Thank You to Our Customers A big thank you to our customers for posting these reviews and we are looking forward to more honest reviews. You will see that exceptional customer service is one of the key reasons for our high score. We regularly survey our members to provide feedback, request features and just talk with us. We believe that the best Kanban solution must continuously improve based on open feedback from real customers and Kanban experts. Staying the Leader in Kanban Access

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Should Blocked Cards Count in Kanban WIP Limits?

This is a question we often get when a new team builds its first Kanban board. Once the process is visualized on the board, the team must assign WIP limits to create the ideal flow of work. The usual first reaction to setting WIP limits is that the number is too low because most teams are used to multitasking and being overburdened. This is when someone on the team typically asks… What about blocked cards, should they count in the WIP limit? It depends on your flow of work... Some teams have a very smooth process where cards get rarely blocked and usually the root cause is an exception. In such a case, there are usually no cards blocked simultaneously and these cards get unblocked fast. In this example, we recommend including the blocked cards in your WIP limit because the team is not avoiding these cards, but instead

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Visual Project Management with Kanban Linked Cards

Project Management is all about clear deliverables and the ability to track progress on these deliverables. One of the most important aspects of delivering successful projects is to set clear expectations and ensure great communication throughout the project. As Kanban experts, we believe that visualizing projects by connecting Kanban cards is the simplest and most effective way to manage projects. Let us explain by illustrating how to do this using Kanban for a single team or across multiple teams. Everything on a single board For a single team seeking to track and visualize their work related to multiple projects, we can use a single Kanban board with two swimlanes: Projects and Deliverables. In the Kanban board above, we used our advanced board editor to create 2 swimlanes that each has a different process flow (different columns). Projects follow this flow: Initiation > Planning > Execution > Monitoring

Kanban Zone on full display at Agile Arizona 2019

This year we decided to take Kanban Zone on the road by teaching, speaking and sponsoring at Agile Arizona 2019. This regional Agile conference was full of great speakers and we were very happy to not only speak about Portfolio Kanban, but also set up a booth that showed how Kanban Zone works well on any display (mobile, tablet, laptop, and large touchscreen). This was also an opportunity to create some fun merchandise like the perfect way to relax by squeezing, bouncing or throwing the official Kanban Zone red ball. Workshop (4 hours) - Improve Efficiency & Delivery with a Portfolio Kanban The first session that we offered was a 4 hour workshop that focused on both envisioning the ideal Kanban system for an organization and also creating multiple types of connected Kanban boards. Here is the full description: Description Unleash full transparency and traceability

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Kanban Zone Switches to Free Trial

Kanban Zone is excited to announce a move to a Free Trial model and also significantly improve the Sign Up and First Time User experience. Existing users will see the biggest improvement when creating a new board. Instead of signing up for a limited Free plan that did not include all the features, now new users will sign up for a 30 day Free Trial that includes everything. The Free Trial rolled out on 20 November 2019. Why the Change? Our plans have not changed, we still offer these 3 plans: Personal, Start-Up and Enterprise. At any time during the Free Trial new users can select one of these 3 plans. The Personal plan is still Free. As the most advanced online Kanban tool on the market, we are dedicated to helping teams and individuals visualize, analyze and improve the way they accomplish goals. We believe Kanban

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