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How to Use Kanban for Onboarding New Employees

By |March 15th, 2023|

Finding qualified employees for your business can be a time-consuming and tasking process. It requires a lot of time, money, and patience. More importantly, once you find suitable candidates and hire them, it takes a certain amount of time to onboard them. According to a survey conducted at Harvard,

Leveling Up My Freelance Business with Kanban and Upwork

By |February 28th, 2023|

One of the things that I like about being a freelancer at Upwork is that I get to work with different clients. This exposes me to various industries, work styles, processes, and teams. It’s always a different experience but in each work engagement I enter, I investigate these three

An Idea on Visualizing Changes at All Levels

By |February 2nd, 2023|

About 2 years ago, I took a course from Jason Little, the author of Lean Change Management, more recently Change Agility: A guide to help you think about change management differently and founder of the Lean Change Organization website.  I have to say that this course was one of the best

Personal Kanban for Job Hunting: How to Organize Your Job Search

By |January 12th, 2023|

Organizing your job search is a large and time-consuming project. Whether you work in tech, marketing, health, or some other field, every company has different requirements and conditions that their potential employee needs to meet. Moreover, the vast majority of large companies host complex job interviews that consist of

How to Integrate Kanban in CNC Manufacturing Process

By |December 7th, 2022|

Over the past years, the manufacturing industry has been looking for different alternatives aiming at working in a more practical and efficient way while delivering high quality products. Among the many existing manufacturing segments, the machining segment has been using different technologies in order to accomplish this goal. One