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How to Integrate Kanban in CNC Manufacturing Process

Over the past years, the manufacturing industry has been looking for different alternatives aiming at working in a more practical and efficient way while delivering high quality products. Among the many existing manufacturing segments, the machining segment has been using different technologies in order to accomplish this goal. One of such technologies is known as the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology, which has found many applications in different machining processes like, drilling, turning, milling, grinding etc. What is Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology?

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How Kanban Fosters Virtual Collaboration in Content Teams

Team collaboration is important when your creative output is connected to marketing. Creating content involves art, science, and strategy, and they’re all equally important, all of which can benefit from various kinds of collaboration. However, virtual collaboration can be challenging since not everyone can effectively explain their ideas. Not to mention the challenges that come with remote work arrangements. Being on the same page as the team allows you to see the same overall picture. Not only that but each member can understand

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How to Write an Effective Project Management Report

Managing different projects successfully is the key to success for any business either big or small. This is precisely why project managers need to aim to make their reports as effective as possible at achieving the aims set for them. However, it is not always possible to create a report that will truly achieve its purpose (e.g. informing the audience, getting the project off the ground, finding funding, solving issues, etc.) Hence, here’s how to write an effective project management report. 1. Know

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5 Ways To Accelerate Your Career Progression With Personal Kanban

Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut at your job? Are you not seeing the progression that you want in your career? Are you looking for tools and tips that can help you advance your career? If so, personal Kanban may be the solution for you. Personal Kanban is a productivity system that can help you achieve your goals, and get ahead in your career. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 ways to use personal Kanban to accelerate your

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Career Planning with Kanban: Visualizing Your Career Path

Making a detailed career plan is the first step to make on the path to success. Everyone has career goals. Some are short-term milestones, while others are big goals that may take years to achieve. There are many ways to assess your career plan and develop a strict routine you will stick to. However, one of the best ways to visualize your career goals and plans is by using your personal Kanban board. A career path is full of fluctuations. Some goals are

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STATIK: An Easy Approach to Designing Kanban Systems

When I first learned about Kanban, I too fell victim to the stereotypes that Kanban is an easy escape from Scrum keeping to timeboxes. Oh, how wrong was I! It seems that so many people stop reading when they read: “Start with what you do now…” and not continue with: “Agree to pursue improvements through evolutionary change.” It was through the act of going through STATIK workshop that I discovered that no two Kanban systems are truly alike. "Why?" you might ask. "There

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10 Ways to Collaborate on Video Projects with Your Team

Filmmaking is an art that requires a group of creators to join hands and work together. Each person involved in the group has knowledge and expertise about an aspect others lack. This has made employee engagement crucial for teams assigned with video projects to ensure the best outcomes.  Nowadays, we have access to advanced technology, cloud-based tools, powerful laptops, and so on to make the whole process of filmmaking seamless and fun. Every industry is now in need of video content to ensure

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Kanban Boards for Students: How to Use Them

While it is generally thought, and rightfully so, that Kanban boards are great for use by businesses of various sizes, these also have other uses that remain largely unexplored. The Kanban board can be a very effective tool for learning to be used by students and teachers alike. From managing college assignments to various administrative tasks, using Kanban boards can offer a lot of help in ways you might not have expected. That is why growing popularity and buzz can be seen around

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Improve Team Collaboration and Efficiency with Kanban

Many teams have started looking for ways to reduce team members' stress and allow tasks to flow efficiently. One of the ways that project managers have started to implement is the Kanban method in their operations. The Kanban methodology was introduced by an engineer, Taiichi Ohno, who was working for Toyota. When inventory management became a problem for the company, Ohno conducted research to develop a project management system that made the responsibilities of team members transparent and understandable. Thus, Ohno came up

How to Use the Kanban Framework in a One-on-One Meeting

There are many benefits to using the powerful framework of Kanban meetings during a one-on-one. For this article, Fellow.app partnered with Kanban Zone to provide guidelines on how to use the Kanban framework in your one-on-ones successfully.  Kanban is a framework that helps organizations structure their workflow by identifying potential issues and bottlenecks. It is a popular framework that embodies lean management principles and that requires real-time communication of capacity and full transparency of work. Within the Kanban framework, there are many types

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