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Run the most efficient organization

Design the ideal organization to align strategy to execution for faster delivery to your customers. Focus on creating the ideal flow of work across connected Kanban boards within your organization. Let us help you implement the model that works best for your organization.

Organizational Efficiency

You are welcome to add additional levels, but shaping your organization with only these three levels (Strategy, Discovery, and Delivery) will help you get started.

The Portfolio Kanban board ensures at the Strategy level that you are aligned with your goals and that every area of your organization is clear on the key initiatives to focus on now. The Discovery level is organized around your specific value streams, grouping areas and leaders to work together on common projects/features. Lastly, the Delivery level is where all your teams have their specific process visualized on Kanban boards to deliver value as efficiently as possible.

Agile Artifacts

When transforming an organization to unleash the full benefits of Agile, we provide multiple Agile artifacts to create the ideal Portfolio Kanban system.

  • Agile Canvas
    The first step in visualizing the ideal flow of work is to define the ideal organizational structure. Your coach will facilitate a session to produce your Agile Canvas. This team-building exercise will serve as an overlay to get work Done! It will also help clarify key roles and responsibilities.
  • Agile Playbook
    Based on your culture and internal terminology, we will publish a short and simple way to work as an effective organization. This document defines all the key artifacts, events, and overall processes you have implemented to ensure the most efficient way to play the game of Agile for your organization.
  • Agile Roadshow
    Clearly explain to your employees, partners, investors, and customers Why, What, and How you do Agile and use it as a competitive advantage. This short presentation will help you onboard or educate anyone who joins or needs to collaborate efficiently with your organization for a successful Agile transformation.

Portfolio Kanban System for Agile Transformation

Embrace a visual way to orchestrate your organization’s most efficient Agile transformation by connecting three levels of Kanban boards.

  1. Strategy
    This level is about the voice of WHY by connecting your organization’s goals to key Initiatives represented as Kanban cards. The key players are executives and stakeholders.
  2. Discovery
    This level is about the voice of WHAT that breaks down initiatives into clear Features represented as Kanban cards. These features align with the initiative cards and provide everything needed for a story-writing session. Product managers, user experience designers, and solution architects are key players.
  3. Delivery
    This level is about the voice of HOW that breaks down features into actionable User Stories represented as Kanban cards. The key players are your team members, including developers, testers, and analysts.

Portfolio Kanban - Kanban Zone

Agile Flow

Once you have your Agile artifacts to embrace the Agile and Lean philosophies and have adopted one of the Agile methodologies (Kanban, Scrum, or Scrumban), you can implement The 5 Levels of Agile Planning. Since the goal is to create the most efficient flow of work, you have also implemented the ideal Portfolio Kanban system. Now it’s time to see all the elements in action in a simple framework tailored to your organizational needs.

Kanban Zone Agile Framework Kanban Portfolio System Strategy Discovery Delivery 1

Achieve Your Agile Transformation Goals

Whether you are starting your Agile journey, seeking to improve your maturity, or simplifying the way you work, we can help your organization be Agile, Lean, and Kaizen. Talk to one of our Enterprise coaches to assess your current state and help you define your ideal state so that we can help you succeed with your Agile transformation.

Kanban Coach Dimitri Ponomareff

Meet Dimitri Ponomareff

As our expert on Agile Transformation, you can schedule a complimentary coaching
call with Dimitri to explore the way we can help you with your Agile Transformation.