Productivity Zones

At Kanban Zone, we believe every project or workflow is distinct. Recognizing the inherent uniqueness in how work is managed, we’ve crafted diverse ways to manage your work that we call “Productivity Zones“.

Each zone is purpose-built to facilitate the seamless visualization of your work and streamline your processes, all with the ultimate goal of delivering value to your customers faster and more efficiently. From Kanban for visual clarity to Calendar for precise scheduling, our zones cater to the individual needs of professionals like you, empowering you to achieve your goals effortlessly.

My Zone

Elevate your focus to unparalleled levels with My Zone, your strategic toolkit for pinpointing the cards and tasks that deserve your immediate attention. It’s all about enhancing efficiency by ensuring your top priorities are front and center.

Customizable and adaptable, My Zone empowers you to conquer your most critical work, ensuring your journey toward success remains uninterrupted. Get a 360 view of everything you need to know.

Kanban Zone

Discover the Kanban Zone, our flagship offering that embodies the essence of Agile project management. With visual boards and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, it’s the ultimate choice for those who crave a seamless and visual workflow.

Design your ideal Kanban system, watch your projects progress effortlessly, and utilize critical metrics to improve your work continuously. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to Agile methodologies, the Kanban Zone is your gateway to effortless workflow mastery.

List Zone

Experience a streamlined work environment like never before with our List Zone. Visualize all your work in an organized List view, saving you valuable time. Harness the power of bulk actions to efficiently update multiple cards simultaneously.

This is your gateway to unrivaled workflow management that ensures your work is tackled swiftly and systematically.

Table Zone

The Table Zone is your data-driven command center, where you gain an expansive view of all your card’s data across one or multiple boards, presented in a Table view. With functionality reminiscent of Excel, you have the power to scrutinize, analyze, and dissect your data with precision.

Elevate your decision-making with this dynamic tool to turn your data into actionable insights that propel your projects forward.

Forecast Zone

Leverage historical data to predict future work delivery. Improve how you allocate resources, proactively identify potential roadblocks, and ensure consistent deadline adherence. Embrace the power of Monte Carlo simulations with the Forecast Zone.

Forecast by Date to know how much work will get done by a specific date or by Scope to know how long it will take to deliver a particular amount of work.

Summary Zone

The Summary Zone emerges as your central hub for unparalleled clarity. Here, you’ll seamlessly merge data from one or multiple boards into a single, concise view, highlighting the essential Kanban column states: Backlog, To Do, In Progress, Buffer, and Done.

This consolidation offers an invaluable visual perspective, transforming your project management into a streamlined and highly productive endeavor. Embrace the Summary Zone and unlock the power of a focused and organized work experience.

Calendar Zone

Experience the power of the Calendar Zone, your ultimate way to manage deadlines. With the Calendar view, you gain a comprehensive overview of all your cards and tasks, each with its due date. This feature ensures that you see your deadlines and meet them with precision.

Make sure your projects stay on track and achieve timely success with the Calendar Zone by your side.

In a world where one size does not fit all, Kanban Zone’s work visualization zones are your keys to tailored success. No matter the nature of your projects or your personal work preferences, our productivity zones are here to make your life easier and more efficient.

Embrace the uniqueness of your projects, and let Kanban Zone’s diverse zones empower you to visualize, optimize, and conquer your work. Explore our productivity zones today by taking the first step towards a brighter, more productive future. Your success, tailored to your needs, starts right here.

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Kanban Team

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Unleash the power of visual management!

Boost traceability, and collaboration across all organizational levels with Kanban Zone!

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