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Discover our visual management templates collection, where clarity and creativity converge for seamless project management. Select from a diverse range of visually engaging templates to confirm that you can truly create any visual board you can imagine with Kanban Zone. Effortlessly map out ideas, track progress, and foster team collaboration with our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Elevate your productivity with visual management templates and soar to new heights in achieving your goals!

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Visual Management Templates Library

Welcome to our visual management templates collection, designed to bring clarity, creativity, and efficiency to your management process. At Kanban Zone, we believe in the power of visual representation, and that’s why we offer a diverse array of visually engaging templates to cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re using Kanban boards to streamline tasks, flowcharts to visualize processes, Gantt charts to plan timelines, or other visual boards for brainstorming and collaboration, our visual management templates cover it all. With our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, customizable layouts, and seamless integration with your favorite tools, you can effortlessly map out your projects, track progress, and foster better communication among team members. Experience the potential of visual project management and elevate your productivity with our visual management templates.

agile product vision smaller screenshot

Agile Product Vision

This board template uses a 3-step approach to product visioning. The end goal is to create a cohesive product vision that encapsulates who your product is for, what it solves, and why your customers should choose it instead of other options.

business model canvas board template

Business Model Canvas

To create your Business Model Canvas, start with identifying your Key Partners, Key Activities, Key Resources, and Value Proposition. Once that’s clearly defined, go ahead and determine your Customer Segments and Customer Relationships. Define how you’ll reach them through your Channels. Lastly, enumerate your costs and revenue streams.

editorial calendar board template

Editorial Calendar

This is another example of using Kanban Zone but not for Kanban. You can create an online calendar to track all your work visually using cards that you can drag around, but we did add the Done column to move cards off the calendar when the cards are completed.

Idea Parking Lot board template

Idea Parking Lot

Have you ever had a brilliant idea in a meeting, but it ended up never being brought up or discussed because everyone just forgot about it? Never lose your ideas ever again by using this template, the Idea Parking Lot.

Language learning dashboard Kanban template

Language Learning Dashboard

The Language Learning visual management template is a simple template that will help you learn a language by yourself. The first part of the template is the weekly agenda, where you will be able to schedule your lessons throughout the week. The second part is the resources part, where you can add resources that you find online.

RAID Log Kanban Board Template


Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies are inherent in any project. They can make or break your project. Are you to handle them? Be ready to tackle risks and issues that can affect the outcome of your projects. Outline assumptions and dependencies clearly so you have a better grip of how your project will move forward.

kanban board template - roadmap


Manage your roadmap and track all related work as linked cards by generating clear progress bars and Gantt charts from these linked cards. Improve the way you collaborate on roadmaps and ensure successful completion by documenting, communicating and tracking work completion within each card.

team meeting agenda board template

Team Meeting Agenda

Team meetings can be a big time and energy-waster if not conducted efficiently. This visual management template helps teams get the most out of their meetings and feel productive in them. If you’re looking for a way to bring structure, focus, and purpose to your team meetings, our team meeting agenda template is here for you.

Need a Template? If you can’t find the right template for your needs, just contact us and we will gladly add a board template to Kanban Zone that suits your needs.

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A fantastic Kanban tool for multi-team coordination.

Kanban Zone is extremely intuitive and easy to use and has incredibly responsive support. The “mirror” feature is a powerful way to show what another team is doing. Highly recommended!

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Flexibility. You can modify the software to fit your process flow or organizational needs. It has enabled more collaboration between departments and sped up the time to completion for all our projects.

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Kanban Zone has now become an essential tool for running my business.

It has helped us organize all our projects and our teams to better collaborate. This solution is much more flexible and customizable than most we have seen. Great tool!

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The best for small and large businesses.

It’s simple to set up and change. They have plenty of templates, and you can set your boards up almost any way you like. I’ve been in process improvement for quite some time. This is the first product I would endorse.

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Super Flexible, 100% Kanban!

You can create any board you or your team may need, making it super flexible. I also love that it is 100% Kanban vs other software that tries to be everything to everybody.

Screen Shot 2022 01 06 At 10.32.19 PMHilary Torn, Affiliate Marketing Manager

Kanban Zone is my lifesaver.

I have 2 boards running with different workflows to make sure I am on top of the 200 or so jobs running.

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The mobility without loss of any functionality is fantastic!

I’m able to work and access everything I need regardless of whether I’m on my laptop, tablet or phone.

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Makes Work Fun!

I love that they’ve kept the UI simple and very easy to use. It promotes accountability and reduces the team friction caused by vaguely assigned tasks. Kanban Zone has helped me become organized without even trying hard :)

AgAdanma George, Digital Marketer at Penning Solutions

It’s simple, intuitive, it just works, and the support is phenomenal.

I get a personalized email from a HUMAN within minutes. Kanban Zone takes away all the hassle and complexity of building your electronic board and allows you to immediately focus on what is important.“

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We Love Kanban Zone!

The software is extremely flexible and unlimited in its organizational capabilities. Work organization and execution becomes a breeze.“

Lonne OsbornLonne Osborn, Director of Software Engineering at Space Data Corporation