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You just hired a new employee. They come into the office on their first day. If your goal is to provide a positive and productive work environment, effective employee onboarding is key. But, what should you do first? Introduce them to their colleagues, or give them their tasks right away? Our employee onboarding template is here to answer these questions and guide you through the onboarding steps. By using a Kanban board to track the onboarding process, you can be sure that all of the necessary tasks are carried out in an efficient manner.

Here are some tips for a successful employee onboarding process:

  • Get ready in advance. You should begin the process even before the new employee arrives. Collect materials and information that are needed, and make sure everything that they need to know is covered in the process.
  • Be organized. One new employee is easy to handle, but it’s easy to get lost with four or five. Use a tool like our Kanban board to track your onboarding progress. If the tool can be accessed by the new employees, it’s even better.
  • Be warm and welcoming. You want your new employees to stay for long, so make their first impression and experience a good one. Make them feel like they’re part of the team from early on.

What is an Employee Onboarding Template?

As the name suggests, the Employee Onboarding Template is a simple template for both employees and employers to coordinate their work during onboarding and welcoming new employees.

The cards will be prepared by you, the employer. But the rest of the work will be done by the new employees. They will get to see the process from start to finish, and drag and drop their own card. If your organization is already using Kanban Zone daily, it’s a great way to familiarize the new employees with Kanban Zone.

For work that has to be done before the first day, check out our New Hire Preparation Template.

What is included in the template?

The Employee Onboarding Template has:

  • Four columns for each part of the process: Preparing, First Day, First Week, First Three Months
  • Explicit agreements in each column, explaining what you should do step-by-step.
  • Three labels for each type of employment: Employee, Vendor, and Contractor.

This template is just a starting point, and you can customize it to fit your needs. For example, you may want to add additional columns for tasks such as Training, Orientation, or Evaluation.

How to Use the Template

Both the employee and the employer will take part in this template. The process will be started by the employer, and then the rest will be done by the employee.

For the employer:

  1. Start your Free Trial, then build a new board from the Employee Onboarding Template.
  2. Customize the explicit agreements on each column according to your standard employee onboarding process.
  3. Create a new card for each new employee.
  4. Assign the new card to the new employee.

For the new employee:

  1. After you’re assigned your card, flow your card through the columns as you progress.
  2. See the explicit agreements in each column and follow the instructions.

New employees need to be introduced to their work and colleagues, so that they feel welcomed and supported from day one. Be prepared to onboard your new employees and track their progress by using this Employee Onboarding Template.

ⓘ If you can’t find the right template for your needs, just contact us and we will gladly add a board template to Kanban Zone that suits your needs.

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Recreate your Kanban template today!

Build the ideal Kanban board and facilitate a seamless flow of work in Kanban Zone.

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