Kanban Zone has been specifically designed to improve performance and results.

Not just a Kanban tool…

Whether you are an individual, team, or organization seeking better results, Kanban Zone provides an unmatched collaboration environment that dramatically increases your effectiveness. Unlike basic to-do lists or overly complicated Kanban tools, our product strikes the perfect balance of simplicity and proven Kanban techniques.

Kanban Zone - My board with cards

The board example shown above is just the beginning. Once you access Kanban Zone, you can leverage board templates to save you time and take advantage of fully developed boards from our experts across many techniques like Six Sigma, Sure Step or even Waterfall but done right on a Kanban board.

While Kanban Zone is extremely intuitive, we provide step-by-step tutorials under our help area. We also provide online resources to help anyone learn about the Kanban philosophy. Lastly we have a team of Kanban coaches who provide the right level of support to help you, your team or your organization take full advantage of Kanban.


These features are available in all plans and we regularly add new features to this list. We value our customer’s feedback, so please contact us to request a new feature.

Our board features will provide you with the best experience to customize the board itself, but also your entire experience using these boards.

  • Visual Editor – Any board you can imagine can be created in Kanban Zone. Our board editor is the most flexible and intuitive experience on the market to create and edit the most complex boards.
  • Board Templates – In order to make your experience easier and to get started faster, you can create boards from existing templates. Our board template library is extensive and keeps growing.
  • Real-Time Updates – Everything you do in Kanban Zone is done in real time. This permits multiple users to collaborate at the same time without any concerns of conflicts or missing an update.
  • Filters – Set filters to display exactly what you need on your board.
  • Sorting – See your columns on your board the way you need to visualize the work.
  • Visibility – Each board can be set as Private to limit access only to the people you choose, or Public to let anyone with the link to the board see it.
  • Sharing – You can share a link to a board with other users based on the visibility settings on that board.
  • User management – Invite or remove users from each board and set their access level to limit what each user can do on the board.
  • WiP Limits – To create the best flow on your board, you can set WiP (Work in Progress) limits on a board. This is a key property in Kanban to help declare your capacity and prevent overburdening your team on a board.
  • Process Agreements – Another foundational concept in Kanban is to make your process explicit. You can describe that process within each column on your board in Kanban Zone.
  • Interactions – You can create, copy, edit, archive or delete boards.

The cards in Kanban Zone are built to provide the most flexibility to effectively track your work .

  • Title – Each card has a title that is used to display on the card when viewing a board.
  • Unique Identifier – A numeric string is assigned to each card to facilitate interactions with each card.
  • Types – Each board can categorize cards into specific types of work. These can have a type name and color to quickly differentiate cards.
  • Description – You can enter a rich description on each card to clearly explain the meaning of a card.
  • Owner – To promote accountability, a single owner can be assigned to each card. This owner will show on the card when displayed on a board.
  • Collaborators – Other users can be assigned to a card to stay informed about changes on a card or to be assigned specific tasks within a checklist on a card.
  • Due Dates – To prioritize the work, a due date can be set on each card.
  • Comments – In order to keep all conversations within the card, you can use comments to interact about the work on a card.
  • Attachments – To simplify communication, attachments can be associated to a card. These attachments can be pulled from direct links like DropBox, Google Drive, etc…
  • Checklists – To track your work at a more granular level, you can use checklists to assign individual tasks to owners with dates and descriptions.
  • Favorite – Set a card as a favorite, to help you find the cards that matter the most to you.
  • Blocking – If a circumstance prevents you from working on a card, simply mark it as blocked and stipulate a blocking reason.
  • Urgency – To signify the urgency of a card, you can set a Low, Medium, High or Critical level on each card.
  • Estimates – If you estimate your work, you can set a t-shirt size of Small, Medium, Large or Extra-Large on each card.
  • Parent/Child Links – To visualize the relationship between cards that have inherited work, you can connect cards using a parent/child link.
  • Predecessor/Successor Links – If some cards must get done in a certain order, then you can connect cards using a predecessor/successor link.
  • Track Changes – All the interactions on a card are tracked within the card under the change history section.
  • Interactions – You can create, copy, edit, move, archive or delete cards.

Under each card you can create checklists of tasks to track your work at a more granular level in Kanban Zone.

  • Owners – To ensure that each task gets done, a single owner can be set at the task level.
  • Description – To ensure that everyone understands each task, you can enter a clear description of the work expected for a task.
  • Due Dates – Although due dates can be set at the card level, each task can also have its own due date. These due dates generate notifications and help you plan your work.
  • State – Tasks can be marked as open or closed to quickly see which are still needed within a checklist.
  • Progress Tracker – Each checklist shows a progress bar and task count to illustrate what is left to complete within a specific checklist.
  • Interactions – You can create, edit, move or delete a tasks.

Kanban boards can generate very sophisticated yet simple metrics to your team or organization.

  • Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Cycle Time
  • Lead Time
  • Throughput

We built a very intuitive search in Kanban Zone that lets you target exactly what you are looking for in just a few clicks.

  • Default Search – To simplify your search experience, the most recent interactions in Kanban Zone for boards, cards and tasks are displayed before you start searching. This is designed to save you time and find what you need even faster, without searching.
  • Saved Search – If you have specific items that you regularly need to find in Kanban Zone, you can create your own saved searches.
  • Boards – Every board that you can access is available to search based on the title and/or description of a board.
  • Cards – All the cards included on a board that you can access, are available to search based on the title and/or description of a card.
  • Tasks – All the tasks within a checklist associated to a card included on a board that you can access, are available to search based on the title and/or description of a task.

We are constantly adding new integrations based on our customer’s feedback and needs. Please review our integration area to see our up to date list of integrations.


In addition to the features included in Kanban Zone in all plans, you can augment your experience with add-ons.

  • The Enterprise plan includes all add-ons, but the administrators can choose to turn them on/off for the organization or specific boards.
  • The Business plan can enable free add-ons, or purchase specific paid add-ons to suit your exact needs.
  • The Solo plan can only enable free add-ons.

We are continuously adding new features and add-ons based on your feedback, so don’t hesitate to contact us to request something that you would love to see in Kanban Zone and we will evaluate your requests.

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