portfolio kanban

To effectively align your organization, you must have clear goals, that connect to well-defined deliverables. By leveraging Portfolio Kanban samples, you can visualize those goals on a Kanban board and make sure that they flow to completion. The key is to connect these goals to specific high-level deliverables, that can be broken down into smaller work items to be completed in short cycles by dedicated teams of experts.

The portfolio Kanban board provides full traceability to ensure that everyone keeps their focus on what the organization deems the most valuable based on set goals. By visualizing and flowing goals (WHY) on a Strategic Kanban board and doing the same for connected deliverables (WHAT) on a Discovery Kanban board,  the teams responsible for delivering the final work items (HOW), can easily report their progress through their Team Kanban board. This is all possible by creating Kanban boards that reflect the ideal way to flow your work and linking cards between connected boards.

Are you ready to achieve your goals by using the most efficient way to flow your work across your organization?

Kanban Zone was designed to accomplish exactly that and our team of experienced coaches can help you set up the solution that meets your precise needs. Our success is your success, so let’s work together to unleash the full potential of your organization.