The CNC manufacturing process template exhibited below represents a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing process, aiming at producing machined components or parts in industry. The column names of the board show the required process steps in order to get the needed component through an efficient process flow.

Under each column of the board, explicit agreements are defined which help you to decide when to pull the cards from one specific column to the next process column in the Kanban board. Some cards on this manufacturing process template illustrate the common types of components that can be manufactured (e.g., cylindrical or prismatic parts) have also been added to assist you when beginning to use the board.

cnc manufacturing process kanban board template - Kanban Zone

In the same way, as usually done in other Kanban boards, you can start by defining the set of parts to be manufactured and creating a card corresponding to it in the Backlog column. The Backlog column allows you to align with the team which components are suitable to be manufactured as well as to define their priority among the parts listed in the Backlog column.

After having defined which part is to be manufactured in advance, now is the time to follow the design related stage of the CNC manufacturing process by considering important process steps, such as the columns on the board template under the CNC design section:

  • 2D/3D part drawing evaluation
  • material properties analysis
  • manufacturing process planning
  • assessment of part coordinates