What is Waterfall?

The Waterfall model is a sequential process, in which progress is seen flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through established phases, a predictive type of methodology that originated in the manufacturing and construction industries. Because it was intended for structured physical environments with high predictability, change is seen as a failure in planning and therefore not suited for high-change innovative environments like software.

Waterfall Template for Project Management

Kanban Zone enhances the Waterfall model by embracing the 5 Kanban properties:

  1. Visualize the Waterfall process on a Kanban board
  2. Limit Work-in-Progress for each phase of the Waterfall model
  3. Measure & Manage Flow by tracking the cycle time and the throughput of the work
  4. Explicit Process Policies by mapping each deliverable within the Waterfall process
  5. Continuous Improvement by increasing collaboration and identifying factors that could negatively affect the overall process

This is why Kanban Zone works, it’s simple and everything you need is available visually on an intuitive board.

Waterfall Project Management template board screenshot