Just got engaged? Congratulations! After she says “YES!” it’s time to plan for your big day using our Wedding Planning Template.

Now we know that planning a wedding requires real hard work. After all, you don’t want your big day to pass by as any other day, don’t you? Plus, there can be a lot of details that go into pulling off a wedding and you may feel overwhelmed on how and where to start.

While the level of work will depend on how grand or simple you plan your wedding to be, the fact remains that planning a wedding requires thorough organization if you want to avoid being a bridezilla as you walk down the aisle.

Thankfully, we have ironed out the kinks for you and prepared a board that captures the complete wedding planning process. It’s designed to ease up your worries and woes on how and where to start planning for your big day.

What makes this wedding planning board different from other wedding checklists?” you might ask.

Not only will it point out what you need to plan for, but it will also provide timelines, as a way to check your progress on all your tasks.

But before we get to how the board delivers that, let’s first look at what’s inside the wedding planning board template.

Wedding Planning by Timeline

Through our research and own experience, we have concluded that the wedding planning process is bound by a timeline. There are a lot of elements that go into a wedding. Couples need to carefully line up the activities to ensure all of them are in place and they also need to execute these activities at the right time. Not doing so can lead to missed bookings, cramming, and you guessed it, STRESS!

Using our wedding planning board template helps you organize all the ins and outs of planning your big day. We designed our board template with a timeline so that you don’t need to think about when you have to start executing your tasks. We used a standard 12-month window for planning a wedding. But if you find that you have more than 12 months or less than that to prepare, the tasks have been set up separately by cards such that you can freely move them along into the timeline that you desire or can work on.

Following the timeline is straightforward and easy. However, we have an initial segment called First Things First before actually delving into the tasks per timeline.

First Things First

This task group comprises the essential things you must accomplish first before planning on anything next. Let’s take this as the visioning board stage. Once you get engaged, take the time to sit in with your spouse-to-be and discuss these wedding essentials.

Why are they the essentials? It is simply because what you decide on here will affect the rest of your decisions for the succeeding tasks. Your budget determines how much you can allocate for wedding suppliers and other needs. Your theme will affect your decisions for the venue and the decor, among other things.

Anything you do next will be greatly dependent on these essential factors. So it is definitely what you should be focusing on before thinking about anything else.

This is also the time to decide whether you are getting a wedding planner or not. At the very least, we recommend you get an on-the-day wedding coordinator because let’s face it – you can’t run the show when YOU ARE the show. You don’t want to be doing any last-minute coordination with your suppliers while you are doing your makeup, don’t you? You may think of enlisting your family or friends to save some money. But having a wedding planner do the job will ensure that your family and friends also get to enjoy the celebration instead of getting stressed and pulling their hair when things go haywire. Wedding planners are also experienced to handle any circumstance that can happen during the day. This will help you worry less about deciding things because you have a trusted planner to do all the thinking for you.

Once you decide on getting a wedding planner, and we do hope you will, get in touch with some suppliers and pick the one that makes you feel most comfortable. Once you’ve enlisted your wedding planner, give them your essentials list and we’re sure that your wedding planner can also suggest some suppliers that fit your budget. Include any suggestions you’ll get on your shortlist.

Task List Per Timeline

We have determined the optimal time to execute your wedding to-do’s and grouped them by the period of execution. You should start with the big-ticket items – your major suppliers – and then work your way through the other details, until the week of your wedding.

Navigating the somewhat overwhelming process of planning a wedding should now be a breeze because you have all the tasks covered. Should you have custom elements to add to your event, you can easily create task cards for them and add them to the board. You are also free to shuffle the tasks or adjust them in the timeline you think would be best for you. What’s important is you already have your wedding planning process laid out and ready to go.

Wedding Planning board template

How to Use Your Kanban Zone Wedding Planning board template

For each container, you will find the specific tasks that you need to tick off within the timeline suggested. Our recommendation is to collapse any container that is not ongoing so that you focus only on completing one set of tasks at any given time.

Some of the tasks have preset checklists within them. These are designed to guide you on the nitty-gritty details that will make a task complete. These are editable so feel free to update them in the way you think will work best for you.

Our timeline extends up to the week of the wedding, making sure you’ve got all bases covered and be confident that everything will go as planned during your big day.

When you work on an item, make sure you place the card in the Doing column. Once you’re done with the task, transfer them to the Done column. This will help you easily visualize what you have already accomplished and what’s left for you to work on.

Another built-in feature of the Kanban Zone board is the labels. You can take advantage of this feature by assigning labels to tasks as visual cues. An idea here could be to use labels to signify the timeline by which they should be executed so that you’ll easily spot if there are overdue items on the board.

To keep your wedding inspirations and pegs, simply attach photos and files to the cards as you work on the task. The next time you meet with a supplier, all your research materials are in one place and you can easily pull them up when needed.

To further enhance your wedding planning board, you could also create static containers that will help you organize reference materials in one place. For example, you can create a container that will house cards about your wedding suppliers. You can also easily attach your contracts to each card so it’s easy for you to refer to them when needed. No looking through other places!

While we know that wedding planning is the bride’s turf, we highly recommend that grooms be involved too! Assign tasks to the groom and make him the owner of a card so that he easily knows what he should be working on. Make the wedding planning process a joint activity with your spouse-to-be to make it more memorable. This will also help you easily decide on things together.

A Wedding Planner’s Secret Weapon

Our wedding planning process template is not only for brides-to-be! Wedding planners can leverage this to make their projects organized and their clients happy.

Instead of sending multiple sheets and documents to couples, wedding planners can launch a wedding planning board for each engagement. Having the tasks lined up, they can collaborate with the couples inside the board to ensure that the necessary tasks are moving along.

The process is replicable and wedding planners can even customize the board contents if they have a custom-fit wedding planning process that they have honed through years of experience. Using a Kanban board enhances communication between parties and makes it easier to make follow-ups and clarifications.

Now, wedding planning shouldn’t be something to get overwhelmed by. With a trusted system in place, you’ll be sure to execute your wedding planning process flawlessly.

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Recreate your Kanban template today!

Build the ideal Kanban board and facilitate a seamless flow of work in Kanban Zone.

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