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KanbanZone Logo Icon Ontransp Nomargin@0.5x 150x150 Copy Of Kanbanize Copy Of Leankit Copy Of Swift Kanban Copy Of Kanban Flow Copy Of Kanban Tool Copy Of Trello Copy Of AirTable Copy Of Asana
Kanban Zone Kanbanize Leankit Swift Kanban Kanban Flow Kanban Tool Trello AirTable Asana
Kanban View
Visualize work on a Kanban board
Blue Check White Check White Check White Check White Check White Check Limited Limited Limited
Kanban Metrics
Like Throughput and CycleTime
Blue Check White Check White Check White Check White Check White Check
Table View
Interact with data in spreadsheet-like table
Blue Check White Check White Check White Check
Calendar View
See all your work in a Calendar view
Blue Check
Flexible Board
Ability to create any board layout
Blue Check Limited
Portfolio System
Connect multiple boards
Blue Check White Check White Check
Mirror Cards
Replicate cards on multiple boards
Blue Check White Check
Professional Services
Engage experts to help you
Blue Check White Check White Check White Check White Check
Free Unlicensed Users
Users who only view and comment are free
Blue Check
Pricing $5-12 $10+ $20+ $7-15
$5-9 $5-17 $1-20 $10-25
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Why we are different and better

It starts with the journey of our co-founders, who have been transforming organizations as Agile and Kanban coaches since 2003, but couldn’t find the right tool for moving customers to an online solution. When you get into the Kanban Zone, you will increase your focus on the right work, at the right time. Everything in our solution is designed to embrace simplicity and respect the Lean Thinking mindset.

If you use Trello, then you will want to understand the difference between a to-do list tool (Trello) and a real Kanban solution.

Check it for yourself

We are confident that our solution is one of the best on the market and we encourage you to explore the alternatives. But don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about us on review sites like G2.

Sign up for our free trial and theirs, take the solutions on a test run, and make the verdict yourself! But we believe you will quickly see why Kanban Zone is not only the most simple & powerful tool on the market but the ideal solution for collaborating online on Kanban boards.

Still not convinced?

Contact us and we can schedule a private demo. We’ll quickly show you how simple it is to set up a single Kanban board or a complete Portfolio Kanban system for your entire organization using Kanban Zone. New to Kanban? Don’t worry! We include Kanban coaching in all our yearly paid plans because we want to help you take full advantage of Kanban.

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Start your journey of self-development with your Personal Kanban, or set up a Portfolio Kanban to visualize your ideal flow of work.
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