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Importing from Trello

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You can import your board with cards from Trello to Kanban Zone.

What the import will bring into Kanban Zone for you:

  • Trello lists will be imported as columns to create your board and cards will be placed in their matching columns
  • Trello labels will become stickers on your Kanban Zone cards
  • Card title, description and last updated date will be imported
  • All URL attachments (Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and URL) will be imported
  • All comments, checklists, and tasks will be imported
  • Kanban Zone will add an external link attachment to the imported Trello card for ease of locating the original Trello card

Import from Trello to Kanban Zone

  1. From your Trello account, export your board and cards to a .json format.
  2. From within Kanban Zone, choose your board picker at the top left and click the ‘Add Board‘ button.
    the add board button
  3. If you belong to more than one organization, choose which organization you would like to import your Trello board and cards to, otherwise proceed to the next step.
    picking the organization
  4. Choose the ‘Import from Trello’ option.
    import from trello option
  5. From the file picker, choose the Trello .json file you exported in step 1. Your Trello board will be created and the cards will be added to the matching board columns. During the import process, you will see a progress bar. The progress bar will disappear once the board and all its cards are available.
    loading screen while importing

You can continue to work in Kanban Zone while your Trello board and cards are being imported.

Sample Completed Import and Recommended Next Steps

Your board column states have been imported as the ‘None’ state, it is recommended you proceed to the board designer and set your Kanban Zone column states as needed for your newly imported board.

final result of imported Trello board in Kanban Zone

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