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Cards in Kanban Zone can be copied. When a card is copied, you can customize which attributes you want to copy to your new card. A copied card can be just copied or copied and edited immediately.

Copy Card Options Menu

  1. Open a card by clicking on a card in a zone.
  2. Click Copy from the Card Actions toolbar.
  1. Set your board related information by choosing a destination board, column, column position and label for the copied card.
  2. Type a title for the copied card.

**Note that column and label options will change depending on the board you choose to create a copy of the card to.

  1. If you want the copied card to be linked, choose a link type from the link drop down menu.
  1. Include any additional card information you want copied by selecting ‘all’ or each attribute individually.
  1.  Choose Copy or Copy and Edit.

**Note: Copy will create a copy of your card to the destination set with the attributes you have selected. The original card will remain open. Copy and Edit will close your original card and open your newly copied card into the card editor.

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