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Filter Cards on a Board

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As more cards are added on your board, you can limit the number of cards you see by applying a filter. The filter option is designed to help you focus.

Please note that Kanban Zone promotes taking full ownership of cards by setting only one owner per card. This means that setting up a filter for cards assigned to you, as the owner, will help you focus on the cards that you are responsible for delivering on the board.


1. Click the Filter  button in the top/right navigation.

2. Once in the Filter panel, you can…

On/Off switch – Use the switch at the top to turn filters on or off. This permits you to create your filter and decide to turn it on/off without losing your criteria.

Choose between Hide or Highlight to see your filter on the board. Hide will only show the cards that match your filter criteria and all other cards will be hidden, whereas Highlight will keep all cards visible on the board, but the cards not matching your filter criteria will be dimmed on the board.

The “Clear all filters” option will reset your filter by clearing all the filters, so you can start a new filter from scratch.

Filter by Card Owner to see only cards from one or more specific owner. You can also select “None” to see all the cards without an owner.

Filter by Card Watchers to see only cards from one or more specific watcher. You can also select “None” to see all the cards without a watcher.

Filter by Card Type to see only cards associated with one or more specific card type.

Filter by Priority to see only cards associated with one or more specific priority level.

Filter by Favorite to see only cards that you marked as favorite.

Filter by Blocked to see only cards that are currently blocked by anyone on the board.

3. You can choose to keep your Filter panel opened or closed. The filter button in the top/right navigation will show a red dot     when your filters are set to ON.

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