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Create a Checklist

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Once a checklist has been added to a card, you can edit the checklist and the tasks anytime. To create a checklist, open the card where you want to create a checklist.

Create a new Checklist

To create a new checklist, open a card into the card editor by clicking a card from within a zone. Choose the Checklist tab by clicking on the checklists tab within the grey toolbar in the card editor.

checklist tab

Once you are within the checklist tab in the card editor, click the ‘Add Checklist…’ placeholder and enter the name for the checklist. When you have completed the checklist name, press the enter key or click outside the checklist name entry box. A new checklist has been created.

add a checklist

Add a new Task

To create a task, click on the ‘Add task…’ placeholder within the checklist you want to create a task. Type the new task name then press enter or click on the   confirm button   button to confirm the new task. Create as many tasks as you need within a checklist. Open tasks can be moved within a checklist or to another checklist by clicking the button and dragging and dropping a task to its desired location.

how to move task

View your card checklist and tasks

Once a card has checklists and tasks, and you are choosing to view task details, the card will show its task counts and completion of tasks throughout your Zones.

view checklist and tasks

Copy a Checklist from another Card

A checklist from another card can be copied. Choose the copy checklist button and type the name of the checklist you want to copy to locate the checklist to be copied to your current card. Once you locate the checklist to copy, select it from the list and accept the selection by choosing the    button. The checklist has now been copied to your card.

copy checklist

Delete a Checklist

A checklist can be deleted. Once deleted, the checklist and all its tasks will be deleted from the card. This action can not be undone. To delete a checklist and its tasks from a card, choose the … button on the right of the checklist you want to delete. From the action menu, choose ‘Delete Checklist’ and accept the confirmation.

delete checklist
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