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Cards are one of the most important parts of a Kanban board. To get your Kanban process going, you start by creating the cards you need to complete.

There are two simple ways you can add a new card to your Kanban board.

Add Card Button

  1. Click the Add Card button, located at the left navigation, below the Alerts button.
KB - Card - Add card button
  1. Once the Add Card panel pops up, you can input the details you need to create your card.
  • Board – Choose the board where you want your card to appear.
  • Column – Choose the column where you want your card to appear.
  • Template – Choose from the card templates that you created. Learn more about card templates.
  • Title – Add the card title.
  • Label – Update the card label by clicking on the current, default label. If you’re an administrator, you can also customize the labels.
  • Position – Choose where you want the card to appear on the column: top or bottom.
  1. If you click Show More, more fields will appear.
KB - Card - Add care panel show more
  • Owner – Set the card’s owner by clicking on the Owner menu and selecting the member. Learn more about using Owner.
  • Dates – Set the planned start and end dates. Learn more about using dates.

Once done, you can proceed by clicking on one of the two Add buttons:

  • Add – Add a single card and return to your board.
  • Add & Edit – Add the current card then edit to add more details.

Adding a Card from a Column

  1. Click the Add Card… button that’s located at the top of every column.
  1. Fill in the details of your new card as explained above when doing it from the left navigation.
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