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Blocking Cards

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Sometimes things happen that force you to stop a process. In case like this, you want to block the related card, so that everyone knows the status of the card and the reason why it’s blocked. Only licensed users (administrators, collaborators) can perform the blocking/unblocking.

More settings about card blocking can be found on Card Blocking Settings.

Blocking Cards

  1. Open the card that you want to block and click on the Block icon (that’s on the right side of the card).
Cards - Blocking Cards - block icon
  1. On the ‘Block Reason’ dialog box, type in the reason why you want to block the card then click the ‘Block This Card’ button.
  2. Once a card is blocked, it will show a Block icon, indicating the reason, as well as who blocked it and when. The block icon can also be seen from the board.