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Card Blocking Settings

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  1. Click the Settings icon on the top right corner of the Kanban view.
  2. Click the Board Settings options from the Settings menu.
  3. Click Card Blocking from the left side panel under the For Administrator section.


options board settings card blocking

2. From the Card Blocking board settings, you can enable/disable 2 options related to card blocking:

If you enabled Prevent blocked cards from moving on the board, then when someone on this board attempts to move a blocked card they will get the message below with the only option to move the card back.

options board settings card blocking move

If you enabled Prevent blocked cards from affecting WIP limit, then cards are blocked in a column on this board, you will start seeing the number of cards blocked in that column.

options board settings card blocking wip limit

In the screenshot above, we show an example of a “Prioritize” column that has multiple sub-columns. The “Ready for Prioritization” column has 1 blocked card and under the “MoSCoW Priority”, the nested columns “Won’t” and “Should” each have 1 blocked card. This is why the “Prioritize” column shows 3 blocked cards, it’s the sum of all blocked cards below this column.

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