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Mirror Cards

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This add-on must be purchased before it can be used. Once purchased, the Mirror option will appear on all cards. The organization owner or an administrator with elevated permissions are the only ones who can purchase an add-on for the entire organization.


  1. Click a card
  2. Click the Mirror option at the top of the card (see screenshot below)

mirror option on card edit


Once you click on the Mirror option, you will need to select a board. You will notice that once you select the board, the menu will refresh the options that are specific to a board (columns, owners and labels).

(Please note that the current board will not be available to select because mirror cards can only exist on different boards.)

new mirror menu on card edit

Once you click the Mirror button, your mirrored card will be created, and the Mirror option button will turn blue to clearly show users that this card has mirrors.

If you click the Mirror option menu when it’s blue (already has mirrors), then the list of all cards currently being mirrored will show in the menu, as shown below.

card with mirrors on card edit

Once a card is mirrored, the Mirror icon will appear on any mirrored cards (see screenshot below).

card with mirrors on board

Mirroring cards is a powerful feature that helps members collaborate on a card that is common to multiple boards (processes or teams). Learn more about this feature…

Mirrored Data

Mirrored data means that if you change any of the data on a mirrored card, all other cards that are mirrored will have this data synched. The following card data is mirrored:

  • ID Number
  • Title
  • Description
  • Blocked By and Blocked Reason
  • Planned Dates
  • Custom Fields
  • Size
  • Priority
  • Votes
  • Checklist with their Tasks
  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • Links

Some data is not mirrored and therefore remains unique to each mirrored card. The following card data is not mirrored:

  • Board and column where the card is currently on the board
  • Owner, Watchers and Labels, as these are specific to each board
  • Tracking dates associated with a card movement on a board
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