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Cycle Time Report

In this article

Access this report

  1. Click the Metrics icon Options in the top/right navigation.
  2. Click on the section Cycle Time in the Metrics menu.

Generate this report

Cycle Time is about responsiveness. It’s calculated from the time a card is worked on by the team until the time the card is delivered. In simple terms, it’s how long a card stays within the Work-In-Progress (WIP) columns of your board. In the example above, we have nine colored card labels that can be included or not in the report by clicking the label in the legend below the graph. As you can see we chose to not include the label “Discussions”, which is grayed out in the legend. To setup card labels that will show up on the report, you must create these colored card labels using the customize cards option for your board. We also offer a different way to look at your cycle time using splatter plot visualization. In the graph below the cards are individually shown as dots on the day they were marked as done. This other view will show you any outliers and also your overall cycle time with upper and lower limits.

Show Detailed Data

Click on the “Show Details” button below the chart to display extended card data related to this chart. You can sort, filter and export this data.

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