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Cycle Time Report

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Access this report

  1. Click the Metrics icon light metrics icon in the top/right navigation
  2. Click on the section Cycle Time in the Metrics menu

Use this report

Cycle Time is about responsiveness. It’s calculated from the time a card is worked on by the team until the time the card is delivered. In simple terms, it’s how long a card stays within the Work-In-Progress (WIP) columns of your board.

You can select the following options to display the data:

  • Display Options to choose between card labels, priority, size, and custom fields
  • Time Options to select a periodicity (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) and custom date range
  • Board Filters to filter the data by selecting which columns to include within each of our column states
  • Card Filters to filter the data by the owner of the card, card labels, and custom fields