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Prioritize a Card

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Prioritize a card within your organization to establish an organizational common understanding.

Setting a priority on a card

Kanban Zone provides members of a board the ability to set a priority of ! (Critical), 1 (High), 2 (Medium) and 3 (Low) on each card.

To assign a card priority, open your card by clicking on the card from within any of the Zones to open the card editor. Once in the card editor, click the action     button to open the card priority menu. Choose the priority you want.

custom definitions priority view

If your plan is Professional or Enterprise, you will be able to edit the values shown in parenthesis in the screenshot above. Simply click the Edit Priorities link at the bottom of the menu to access the Custom Definitions organization setting. This means that these values will be shown on all your boards as the standard for your entire organization.

custom definitions edit

Viewing the priority of a card within a Zone

When a priority has been assigned to a card, the priority will show as an indicator on the card within the zones. Kanban, Summary and Calendar (weekly/daily) Zone:

List Zone:

Filtering by priority in a Zone

A filter can be applied to see one or more priorities. Once set, only cards matching the filter will appear in view on your Zone.

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