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Create a Card from Email

In this article

Kanban Zone allows you to create a card on any Kanban board you have access to craete cards, by sending or forwarding an email. This feature is available and included in Professional plans.

Discover your board-specific email address

Each board you belong to will provide you with a unique email address for your Kanban Zone account. To discover the unique email address for a specific board:

  • Log into your Kanban Zone account
  • Navigate to the board where you would like to create a card from email
  • Open your the board settings for this board
  • Choose the Integrations > Cards by Email

At the top of your Board > Settings > Cards by Email you will see the unique email address for your Kanban Zone account to use to create cards on this board. You can copy the email address and/or send an email to the email address associated with your Kanban Zone account to receive instructions.

In addition, you can choose to have your Kanban Zone account set as the owner or watcher of cards created on this board.

Options Cards by Email

Tips to ensure your cards are created successfully:

  • An email subject is required, and it will become the title of the card created on your board
  • The body of the email received will become your card description
  • When using your unique board email address, the sender of the email must match the email associated with your Kanban Zone account
  • You must be a member of the board with permission to add cards to this board for a card to be created

We recommend that you save the board’s unique email as a contact to make it easy for your to create cards as often as you need

Once an email has been sent using your unique board email address, your card will be created at the top of the backlog column for that board. The card will now function like any other card created in Kanban Zone.

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