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Summary Zone

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  • Click the word Summary from the zone options in the top/left next to the Kanban Zone logo.

zones - Summary


Once in the Summary zone, cards are shown within their respective column state (To Do, Buffer, In Progress, Done, None), instead of their actual column names. This provides the ability to see cards from one or multiple boards in a summary view that only focuses on the main states of your board(s).

Board Editor - 5 column states The Summary Zone can view one, multiple, or all the boards in your organization on a single Kanban board that only shows these column states. This board is not editable and you can’t drag and drop cards. The purpose of the Summary Zone is to view cards based on their column states with the ability to sort and filter these cards. Here are the key areas within the Summary Zone: Kanban Zone - Summary Zone - Help

  1. Allocation – The colored bar at the top shows the allocation of cards by column states. Each color represents one of the column states and the length is determined by the percentage of cards in each of these states.
  2. Filters – The left section of the grey area is to filter the cards to display in the Summary Zone. You can select which Boards to include, specific Due Dates associated with the cards, and apply any Card filter including custom fields if these are enabled for your organization.
  3. Sort – Situated in the right section of the grey area, you can sort cards by ascending/descending order based on these options: last edited, due date, priority, size.
  4. Search – Situated to the right of the grey area, you can search within the cards currently displayed in the Summary Zone. As you type into the search box, only the cards matching your search will show on the board.
  5. Card Location – Since the Summary Zone can display cards from multiple boards and these cards are shown in their column states, you can see the name of the board that it belongs to (only if multiple boards are selected) in the section above each card.
  6. Exit – To quickly go back to the board you came from before entering the Summary Zone, you can click the “Exit Zone” in the top/right. If you want to pick which board to open, you can also use the board panel and click any board from the list.
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