Improve the Way You Track Your Publishing and Editorial Tasks…

Whether you are part of a publishing company, an informational website or even a fashion magazine, you will surely have a lot of publishing and editorial activities that you need to keep up with. But if your editorial team is having a hard time staying on track of all your content publication plans, you will have to figure out a more efficient way of keeping track of all of your tasks. If you haven’t created an editorial calendar yet, it’s about time that you and your team create one now.

Not sure how to get started? This free Kanban board template will make it easy for you and your team to plot out your daily and weekly content. 

How to Use the Editorial Calendar Board Template

Kanban Zone’s editorial calendar board template is designed to help you schedule daily and weekly content releases based on your needs and goals. For the daily standard tasks, swimlanes Week 1 to Week 4 contain seven columns each for the days of the week, wherein you can add cards to represent every individual content you will be releasing for each day.

editorial calendar board template

Under the swimlane Weekly Standard Work, you can create cards to line up your weekly tasks for you and your editorial team.