Discover the Simple Way (SWAY) modern management system for:

  • Better Communication

  • Aligned Departments

  • Faster Revenue Growth

After COVID-19, traditional management fails, resulting in silos, slow decision-making, high turnover, and declining revenue.

SWAY - Modern Management

So, we are here to help…

Apply a proven, modern management approach trusted in 21 countries and 34 industries.

The SWAY System aligns organizations toward common goals, team KPIs, and customer-centricity through servant leadership, cross-functional teams, and optimized workflows.

The SWAY System:

    • Aligns departments and KPIs.
    • Fosters customer-centricity
    • Promotes servant leadership
    • Optimizes workflows and collaboration

How does it work

in just 4 weeks, with only 20 hours of your team’s commitment, we will help you solve your main problems.

SWAY 4 Wek Journey

What You Get

Improved communication, high-performance workflow, and software for enhanced efficiency and faster results.

Previous Clients

The experts who will work with you have already helped many organizations. Below is just a sample of happy clients.

Client Success

Browse use cases where the Simple Way (SWAY) has created amazing results based on real client challenges.

Client Testimonials

See for yourself what clients say about using the Simple Way (SWAY).

Your Experts

Meet the experts who will deliver The Simple Way to run your business and create a culture of effective leadership.

Marina Alex

Marina Alex

Founder of SWAY System

  • Business Agility Expert with 9 years of experience
  • Specializes in increasing communication, aligning departments, and driving revenue growth
  • Experienced Executive Coach
  • 15 years of diverse sales experience
  • Consulting across 34 industries and 20 countries
  • A unique expert in uniting sales and marketing efforts
  • Committed to simplifying the lives of executives and employees
Dimitri Ponomareff Expert

Dimitri Ponomareff

Founder of Kanban Zone

  • Agile Coach with 20 years of experience
  • Fractional CxO for multiple companies
  • Master Facilitator of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Focused on organizational design to align Strategy to Execution
  • Specialized in enterprise transformation
  • A continuous improvement and Lean expert
  • Committed to empower teams to self-organize because happy teams produce more

Ready for a change?

Let’s make it fast and easy. Book a call now and share your story. We will help make your brave dreams a reality.

Ready for a change?

Let’s make it fast and easy.

Book a call now and share your story. We will help make your brave dreams a reality.