Getting started with Kanban Zone is fast, easy and free. Simply setup your account (no credit card information required) and you will be able to use your first Kanban board within minutes.

Kanban Zone is FREE for all Collaborators…

That’s right, everyone invited to collaborate on an existing Kanban board can use Kanban Zone for free. These Free Collaborators can do everything with the only exception of creating a Kanban board. Our solution rewards creators of Kanban boards with the ability to freely collaborate with others. These paid Administrators can invite an unlimited Free Collaborators.

All prices below are for each Paid Administrators with our 20% discount when choosing annual billing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Kanban Zone for free?

There are two fast and easy ways of getting started with Kanban Zone for free, with no credit card information required, no obligation to start and no contract.

1. Sign up for a 30 day Free Trial.
As an Administrator on a Free Trial, you have the ability to create and manage boards. During the free trial, you can invite unlimited Free Collaborators.

2. Get invited by an Administrator as a Free Collaborator.
As a Free Collaborator, you get to do everything needed on a board, but you can’t create or manage boards and users. If you can’t wait to get invited by an existing member, then start now with your Free Trial.

How easy is it to use Kanban Zone?

As soon as you create your account, you get to start using one of our Kanban board templates. Everything you need to use Kanban Zone is available within our intuitive interface. The reason we believe that we will delight you, is because Kanban is simple by design and we take great pride in keeping Kanban Zone simple too.

Coaching is included in all our plans to help teams and organizations get the most from Kanban Zone. Our team of Agile and Kanban coaches can help you achieve greater results. We have proven experience in transforming organizations to become more lean, effective and truly customer oriented.

Even with the most basic Kanban board (To Do, In Progress, Done) we believe that strictly visualizing your work will provide a productivity boost. Every aspect in Kanban Zone is geared to drive positive behaviors to help you and your team on the path of continuous improvement.  Getting started is easy, just start your free trial now.

Do you offer special nonprofit and educational pricing?

Our pricing is so competitive that we do not offer special pricing at this time. Don’t forget that only Administrators are required to pay a subscription to use Kanban Zone. Everyone else who needs to collaborate on these boards can do so at no cost. Instead, we invest in communities around the world to help nonprofits or other groups with a positive mission through our Community Outreach program.

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