Data Center

Kanban Zone production services are hosted on the (AWS) Amazon Web Services EC2 platform. The physical servers are located in AWS’s secure data centers. Detailed information on AWS EC2 security and ISO 27001 Compliance can be reviewed directly from Amazon.

Hosted Data & Member Content

All member content is stored within US regions of AWS. Member content including backups are also stored within AWS EC2 and S3.

Email address upon account creation must be verified before a new Kanban Zone member signup can be completed.

It is the member’s responsibility which content, including any textual entries and attachments, the member chooses to store in Kanban Zone. Kanban Zone will support any type of content. The member’s content is not verified nor monitored. Views, thoughts, opinions presented in the content, belong solely to the members and do not necessarily reflect Kanban Zone team point of view.

Kanban Zone takes reasonable measures to secure all content stored, but members are encouraged to use their own judgment when choosing to post content into Kanban Zone.

Production Environment

All Kanban Zone production environments are hosted within the AWS EC2 platform. Kanban Zone maintains separate and distinct production, pre-production, test and development environments.


Please find below information about security.


Kanban Zone uses AWS Web Application Firewall service.


Kanban Zone allows application access via email (username) and password.

All passwords are stored in a hashed form and will never be sent via email, only links to the email associated with the member account will allow the ability to create a new password.

Kanban Zone minimum password requirements consist of the following:

  • 1 lowercase character
  • 1 special character
  • 1 uppercase character
  • 1 numeric character
  • minimum length of 8 characters

After 5 consecutive failed login attempts the account will be locked for 1 hour or the member can perform a password reset. The member will be notified via email of the account lock.

Data in Transit Encryption and Security

All Kanban Zone connections are made securely over HTTPS. No connections without TLS are allowed. TLS (Transport Layer Security) is used to create a secure connection using 128¬bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Encryption is used between the web client, and the application servers.

Database Encryption and Security

All Kanban Zone database clusters storage and snapshot volumes have encryption enabled. Data is stored within AWS and use TLS/SSL to encrypt the connections.

Attachment Encryption At-Rest and Security

File attachments uploaded after August 18th, 2018 are stored within Amazon S3 bucket storage and are encrypted at rest using industry standard AES 256 encryption is provided and managed within AWS S3 storage services.

Attachments are uniquely accessed with a link containing a random auto-generated and un-guessable component. Attachments are only accessible using a secure HTTPS connection.

Payments Processing

Kanban Zone uses 3rd party payment service providers. Our current payment processing is handled by Paddle, payments, tax, and subscription solutions. Paddle is PCI DSS SAQ A Compliant. Detailed information on Paddle security and Compliance can be reviewed directly at Paddle.

Before December 2022, our legacy payments processing is handled via Braintree, a PayPal(tm) service. Braintree provides Level 1 PCI compliance. Detailed information on Braintree security and PCI Compliance can be reviewed directly at Braintree.

Third Party Access

Select member data in very limited cases is shared only with third parties service providers only acting on our behalf.