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This add-on is included in all paid plans, but it must be enabled to start using within your organization. The organization owner or an administrator with elevated permissions are the only ones who can enable an add-on for the entire organization.


Kanban Zone offers 2 ways to save a card as a template.

Card - Template button

Option #1 – Create a card template from an existing card

1. As the administrator of a board, open an existing card and click the “Template” option.

2. From the “Save Card as Template” menu enter a title for the card template and select all or specific card elements to include in your card template.

3. Click the “Save as Template” button

Once you complete all the steps above you will be directed to your list of card templates under the Board Settings. Here you can modify existing card templates or create a new card template, as explained below in option #2.

Option #2 - Create a card template from scratch

1. As the administrator of a board, navigate to Board Settings and click “Template & Recurrence” from the list of Card settings.

2. From the Card Template & Recurrence screen, click the “Add Card Template” button