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Edit a Card

In this article

Editing cards is a very interactive window in Kanban Zone. Information needed to successfully deliver a card can be maintained directly on the card.

  1. Click any card on the board to open and edit.

  2. Click the Close icon  in the top/right of the card to close the card.

When editing a card, the following options will help you customize the information on that card:

     Archive – archive a card so that it is no longer displayed on the board as an active card
    Attachment – attach a file to a card from your computer or cloud storage
     Block – block a card to let others know that this card can’t move forward
    Checklist – create a checklist on the card and assign tasks to users
    Clone – create a duplicate copy of the card
     Close – closes the card
    Comment – post a comment on a card. Use @ to direct a comment to specific users
      Delete – permanently deletes a card
     Description – identifies that a card contains a description
     Due Date – set a due date on a card
     Favorite – mark a card as a favorite to find it faster
     History – view the full history of a card
      Link – create a link to another card to establish a relationship (parent/child or predecessor/successor)
      Move – move the card to another board
       Owner – designate a card owner
        Priority – set the priority of a card (Low, Medium, High, Critical)
     Watcher – set users as watchers on the card and they will receive notifications when changes are made to the card

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