To create a recurring card, you must first create a card template. In the created card template, you will see the recurrence option as shown below…

Add On Card Templates Add

Once you click that recurrence option you can create the exact recurrence you need by selecting weekly, monthly or yearly.

The weekly option lets you create a daily or weekly recurrence on a single, multiple or all days of a week. You can also choose a weekly frequency and a specific time for a card to be created on the board.

Add On Recurring Cards Weekly

The monthly option provides you two options to create a recurrence. If you choose “On Date”, you can select one or more dates. If you select “By Week” you can select a specific week and day of the week. With both options, you have the ability to customize based on your needs.

Add On Recurring Cards Monthly

The yearly option lets you set a yearly frequency. Select one or more days during that year to create a recurring card.

Add On Recurring Cards Yearly

For step-by-step instruction on how to use card templates, please read this knowledge base article.

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