Customizing your experience in Kanban Zone is very important to ensure that you can visualize exactly what you need on your Kanban cards. Once you have created your ideal Kanban board using our highly flexible board designer, it’s time to also customize the data to show on your card using custom fields!

Types of Custom Fields

Below is the list of the custom field types you can use to visualize your data how you need. Each custom field type provides a different way to capture, view, filter, and report your data.

  • Date – track a date
  • Email – store an email address
  • Members – select a specific member of the board
  • Multi-Select– select multiple values from a preset list of your choosing
  • Number – track a number with the option to set a symbol and format
  • Phone – store a phone number
  • Rating – select a rating using a vast list of emojis
  • Signals – select a single value from a preset list of your choosing with signals
  • Single-Select – select a single value from a preset list of your choosing
  • Text – store a text value using a free text field
  • Toggle – set a two-state value like on/off or yes/no
  • URL– store a URL

Below is the screenshot for managing your custom fields at the organization level. All your custom fields are created for the entire organization so that you can manage your data consistently across your organization.

custom fields with signals

Once your custom field exists at the organization level, each board administrator can select which custom field to enable on their specific board.

Using custom fields

Based on their role, each member of a board can interact with custom fields that are enabled on a board. In the screenshot below, we show the same card both as a card on the board (left) and the card being viewed or edited (right). As you can see each custom field has a different way to input and display the data.

11 custom fields card edit

In the screenshot below, you can see that when you add a card you are also prompted to enter data for your custom fields.

11 custom fields add card

Please note that in all the screenshots shown above we kept the name of the custom field the same as the custom field type name, but the name and description of each custom field are fully customizable as shown below when adding a custom field of type Number.

custom fields type number

And also shown below for the custom field type of Ratings.

custom fields type ratings

Filter cards by custom fields

Once a custom field is enabled on a board, the filter panel for that board will now show all the available custom fields and let you filter your card based on how each custom field type handles filters.

11 custom fields filter board

In the screenshot above, we only show you the ability to filter on custom fields within the Kanban zone, but it’s also available in the other zones like the List, Summary, Table, and Calendar zones.

Fully customize your experience with custom fields

Are you ready to use a solution that truly lets you customize everything you need? We know that our Kanban Zone software can create everything you need to be the most effective and efficient organization. If you need our help, then our support team will gladly help you get set up. For enterprise clients, we also provide professional services to set up large Kanban systems and also provide coaching and training to ensure full adoption of your solution.

For more detailed instructions on how to use this add-on, read our knowledge base article about custom fields.

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