Customizing your experience in Kanban Zone is very important to ensure that you can visualize exactly what you need on your Kanban cards. Once you have created your ideal Kanban board using our highly flexible board designer, it’s time to also customize the data to show on your card using custom fields!

Types of custom fields

Below is the list of the custom field types that you can use to visualize your data the way you need. Each custom field type provides a different way to capture, view, filter, and report your data.

  • Date – to track a date
  • Email – to store an email address
  • Members – to select a specific member of the board
  • Multi-Select– to select multiple values from a preset list of your choosing
  • Number – to track a number with the option to set a symbol and format
  • Phone – to store a phone number
  • Rating – to select a rating using a vast list of emojis
  • Single-Select– to select a single value from a preset list of your choosing
  • Text – to store a text value using a free text field
  • Toggle – to set a two-state value like on/off or yes/no
  • URL– to store a URL

Below is the screenshot to manage your custom fields at the organization level. All your custom fields are created for the entire organization so that you have a consistent way to manage your data across your organization.

11 Custom Fields

Once your custom field exists at the organization level, each board administrator can select which custom field to enable on their specific board.

Using custom fields

Based on their role, each member of a board can interact with custom fields that are enabled on a board. In the screenshot below, we show the same card both as a card on the board (left) and the card being viewed or edited (right). As you can see each custom field has a different way to input and display the data.

11 custom fields card edit

In the screenshot below, you can see that when you add a card you are also prompted to enter data for your custom fields.