In addition to being able to create any board you can imagine with our board editor, you can also customize your Kanban Zone experience by creating your own custom fields. With Kanban Zone, you can truly setup the online solution that works for you.

Types of custom fields

Select one of the available custom field types to start customizing your experience in Kanban Zone.

  • Date – track a date value
  • DropDown – track a preset list of values and let users select a single or multiple values
  • Number – track a number value
  • Text – track a text value using this free text field
  • Toggle – track a two-state value like on/off or yes/no

Below you can see the custom field types in use with real examples. This illustrates that you can create fields for anything imaginable.

Kanban Zone - Custom Fields Management

Get your board members to start using custom fields

Once a custom field has been created and assigned to a board, all members of the board can see the new custom field.

  • Organization Owners can purchase/cancel the custom field add-on, as well as setup and manage all custom fields across the organization. Only the organization owner can create, edit or delete a custom field for the organization.
  • Administrators can choose to “Enable on Board” a custom field, so that it becomes available to all members of a specific board. They can also decide to “Show on Card on Board“, so that the custom fields are visible on the board without opening a card. If the “Show on Card on Board” is not checked, then the custom field is only visible and editable from the edit a card screen.
  • Collaborators can view and edit the value of a custom field.
  • Subscribers can only view a custom field.

Below you can see how the enabled custom fields are available within the card in a dedicated section. When you enter a description for your custom fields, it is displayed as a tool-tip to help your users know how to use your custom fields.

Tool-tip Custom Fields - Add-On - Kanban Zone

In the screenshot below, you can see that once custom fields are enabled on a board, each card can leverage none, some or all custom fields. Below we show a card that is still in the backlog without any custom field data. In the “To Do” column there is a card that has data in multiple custom fields.

View on board Custom Fields - Add-On - Kanban Zone

Filter cards on boards based on custom fields

Once you have a custom field enabled on a board, that board can now leverage that custom field to filter cards on that board.

Kanban Zone - add-on custom fields filter

As shown above, simply click on the custom field from the list of available filters. Based on the custom field type, select the filter options to filter cards on this board.

Fully customize your boards with custom fields

Not only can you create any board you can imagine using the Kanban Zone board editor, but with the custom fields add-on you can setup Kanban Zone to embrace exactly how you need to track your work. Are you ready to use a solution that truly lets you customize everything you need? We know that the Kanban Zone product and coaching services can create everything you need online to be the most effective and efficient organization.

For more detailed instructions on how to use this add-on, read our knowledge base article about custom fields.

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