Kanban Zone was designed to create any board you can imagine!

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What makes our boards more flexible?

You have tried other tools and none can reproduce the board that you really need? We have great news for you…

We don’t use a grid. Most other online boards use a grid, which means that you can enter a full row or column on your board, but your board will always be a perfect grid. What if your board is not a grid? Well, Kanban Zone was built with the intent to build absolutely any board you can imagine.

As you can see below from actual physical Kanban boards, most boards are not perfect grids…

Kanban boards should be designed and improved over time to continue to provide the ideal way you need to flow your cards. When moving from a physical board to an electronic board, you should be able to recreate your board the way you need it, not the way the tool limits you to build your board by forcing you to use a grid.

Although you can create a board that looks like a grid in Kanban Zone, you can also create the board that you actually need with our flexible board editor, that leverages containers

Card containers
columns that can hold cards

Horizontal containers
columns that can nest multiple card containers shown horizontally

Vertical containers
columns that can nest multiple card containers shown vertically

You will also enjoy the drag & drop interface to move your containers with ease on the board and within other containers. The are no limits with building complex boards with Kanban Zone, just watch the video below to see it in action!

Start with a template…

Browse our always growing list of board templates to see more examples of complex boards. All boards in Kanban Zone start from a template. You can choose the blank board template to start from scratch, or one of our basic Kanban templates to get a quick start, or leverage one of our themed templates. Once your board is created in Kanban Zone, you can you can use the board editor to design the exact board to suit your needs.

If you need our help, then don’t hesitate to engage our Kanban coaches, or customer support and we will gladly help you build your board. Once your board is setup in Kanban Zone, you are going to love all the other features that increase your focus and improve your efficiency.

Are you ready to build the board of your dreams, or at least the one you need?

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