Whether you are using Kanban to achieve your personal goals with Personal Kanban, or to improve efficiency across your organization using Portfolio Kanban, Kanban Zone features a platform that provides an unmatched collaboration environment to increase your effectiveness dramatically.

Unlike basic to-do lists like Trello, or overly complicated tools, our product strikes the perfect balance of simplicity and proven Kanban techniques. We created this Kanban software comparison page to help you on your quest for the ideal Kanban solution.

Once you access Kanban Zone, you can leverage templates developed by our experts across many methodologies like KanbanScrumSix Sigma, or Waterfall. We’ve also converted numerous process flows into Kanban board templates.

Organizational Features

These Kanban Zone features provide you with the ability to visualize work across your organization.

Get in the Zone!

At Kanban Zone, we believe every project or workflow is distinct. Recognizing the inherent uniqueness in how work is managed, we’ve crafted diverse ways to manage your work that we call Productivity Zones.

Operational Features

The following Kanban Zone features enable you to perform key functions to deliver work on Kanban boards.

Let us show you how it works…

Unlock the full potential of your goals with a personalized demo guided by one of our Kanban experts (not a sales person). Let us show you the transformative power of Kanban in achieving your objectives efficiently and effectively!

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Responsive Software Design that Works on Any Device

Responsive Software Design that Works on Any Device

We’ve embraced a design philosophy that transcends device limitations, ensuring you have the best experience every time.