Release Notes > 03/03/2020

Much more visibility to many functions previously only visible to administrators, and if you are an organization owner for a large enterprise, you will love this release… We now offer a way for organization owners to delegate some of their functions to specific administrators.

Boards Settings for Everyone

As a non-administrator, you can now view all Board Settings from the Options menu. The only option that will continue to only be available for administrators is Board Editor, shown as greyed out below.


In the Options menu shown above, you will also notice that at the bottom of this menu, when you click “contact an administrator” we will now show you immediately who to contact as the administrator of the board.

In the screenshot below, you will now be able to click on any Board Settings. A great example is clicking on the Blocking setting, which was hidden before to non-administrators. You can now see what the administrator can do, but more importantly, see what settings are in place to understand why the board is behaving a certain way.


You will also notice a blue badge at the top of specific Board Settings that informs you about your access. Don’t hesitate to consult our knowledge base to learn more about all these Board Settings… Custom Fields, Card Templates, Recurring Cards, Card Aging, Card Voting, Blocking Cards, WIP Limits, Card Labels, etc…

We hope that you enjoy this ability to view all Board Settings and an easier way to contact the right person to make changes to your boards.

Organization Owner Delegation

We designed Kanban Zone with having the Organization Owner (the person who created the organization) as the only role with access to everything. Since there can only be a single Organization Owner per organization, this created a lot of responsibility for that single person.

In the screenshot below, this is the improved member management screen at the organization level (Account > Organization > Members), which is only available to the Organization Owner. You can see that the Organization Owner has a green badge and next to it now 4 badges to show that they have all the permissions.


Below the Organization Owner, we show an administrator that can now also get the same permissions as the Organization Owner by using the Permissions tab. To learn more about these permissions please read this knowledge base article about Manage Members in your Organization.

For administrators, we also improved the way to add/manage members to a board, please take a moment to review this updated knowledge base article Add Members to a Board.


  • When you access your organization by going to Account > Organization, you will now default to an Overview screen that will show information about the organization, including basic card metrics.account-organization-overview
  • The card history now offers the ability to see exactly what changed in your description field. You can see side by side all your description changes and see what’s different and who/when that change was done.card-history-description-changes


  • History no longer repeats itself… The card History no longer shows duplicates when loading more history.

As always, don’t hesitate to send us your feedback so that we can continue to improve Kanban Zone. You will never hurt our feelings if you find an issue or something that could be improved, so don’t be shy.

– The Kanban Zone Team