Our coaching services are designed to assess your needs and provide a clear plan of action. We obviously track all of our coaching on a Kanban board that visualizes all of the coaching engagement’s key deliverables. Our customers are the ones who flow the coaching deliverables to the “Done” column based on clear acceptance criteria.

Start with scheduling an initial coaching call to let us know exactly what you are seeking to improve. This call will give you a great idea about what to expect.

Coaching Services

Below is our list of the most common coaching services we provide our customers.

If you don’t see a coaching service that targets your specific needs, then contact us so we can design a custom coaching plan.

“Kanban Zone Coaching made my productivity skyrocket”

Kanban Zone has helped me structure my thoughts in my day-to-day work, and has also helped me to organize my personal time. Over the course of a few weeks, I literally saw my productivity improve as I moved to Done. This not only helped me shape my ideas, but also was very satisfying at an emotional level as I dragged each card to the next stage.
pabloPablo Azar, Financial Economist

Kanban Coaching that Works

The journey is about investing in high levels of accountability to achieve your goals and sustain these achievements. As you start seeing better results, our Kanban Coaching service helps ensure that you stay on the path of continuous improvement. Are you clear on your goals? Are you ready to achieve these goals?

Start with scheduling a call with one of our coaches to determine the best course of action. The first complimentary coaching session (video call) will already provide you with Kanban coaching steps and tips you can implement immediately.