Release Notes > 4/9/2019


  • The custom fields add-on is now available to try with all of our plans. You can set up custom fields to introduce your own custom data on cards. This improves the way you visualize your work. You can also filter and report based on your custom fields. This is truly a very powerful way to customize Kanban Zone for your specific needs.
  • Copy card now includes the ability to copy custom fields.
  • Attachment now permits to attach multiple files at once.

Improvements to reports

This month the focus was to improve reports both in terms of user experience with additional functionality and overall performance. All reports now offer periodicity (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) and a custom date range. Please find below additional improvement for each of the reports…


The Allocation report now offers multiple views (labels, priority, size, and custom fields) and two types of charts (pie and bar). You can also select which types of column states to include in the report (backlog, to do, in progress, done, archive, none). Learn more…

Allocation Report

Cycle Time

The Cycle Time report now offers multiple views (labels, members, priority, size, and custom fields) and two types of charts (lines and scatter plot). Learn more…

Report Cycle Time Line Kanban Zone