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Software + Method to Achieve All your Goals.

Explore which option is right for you.


$5 /license/month

Achieve all your personal dreams.



$8 /license/month

Achieve all your professional goals.



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Achieve all your enterprise objectives.




Achive all your professional goals.



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Achive all your enterprise ojbectives.

Cost-effective solution that scales as you grow…

  • Personal – for individuals seeking to create a Personal Kanban to achieve their dreams with a few boards
  • Professional – for businesses who need the power of Kanban to achieve their goals with unlimited boards
  • Enterprise – for large organizations to leverage a Portfolio Kanban system and scale as needed with professional services

Each plan includes a number of licensed users and the ability to invite unlimited FREE guests who can only view and comment.

Your success is our success! You don’t just get the best Kanban tool, you also receive access to our Kanban experts to help you on your journey
of continuous improvement. We will help you design the ideal solution for your specific needs. Schedule a call now with one of our experts.

Already using a Kanban tool?

Our team of Kanban experts will ensure a smooth transition from your current setup. We can assess your current setup, design your ideal system and help you migrate your work. We are here to help!

See for yourself how we compare with other popular Kanban tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Kanban Zone for free?2022-03-23T15:41:45-07:00

There are a couple of ways of getting started with Kanban Zone for free, with no credit card.

1. Start a Free Trial

Sign up for our free trial for 30 days with access to all features. You will also benefit from receiving our Kanban educational series by email and full customer support, so that you can make the most of your free trial.

2. Get invited

If someone else already has a plan on Kanban Zone, then you can get invited to collaborate on a board and use all the features associated with that plan.

How easy is it to use Kanban Zone?2022-04-09T02:25:29-07:00

As soon as you create your account, you get to start using one of our Kanban board templates. We also provide “How To” videos and detailed step by step articles in our Knowledge Base. Lastly, you can leverage our team of Agile and Kanban coaches to help you set up your ideal Kanban system. Every aspect in Kanban Zone is geared to drive positive behaviors to help you and your team on the path of continuous improvement.

Do you offer special pricing for nonprofit and educational ?2022-04-09T02:23:42-07:00

Yes. If you are in the education sector, we are always open to discuss ways to help you leverage Kanban Zone. Simply contact us to discuss your needs. We also invest in communities around the world to help nonprofits or other groups with a positive mission through our Community Outreach program.

How is my data protected?2022-04-09T02:24:01-07:00

We do not provide any personal data to third parties nor is this data being used in any other way, except as necessary to provide this service. Kanban Zone is hosted on a modern, reliable and scalable infrastructure with a multi-layered security implemented. Unauthorized access to any customer data is prevented by encryption, segregation and implementation of standardized security protocols and best practices. Additionally, the application is hosted for high-availability and disaster recovery that ensures maximum up-time and no data loss even in the event of an accident. Learn more about our security and operations.