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STATIK: An Easy Approach to Designing Kanban Systems

By |October 6th, 2022|

When I first learned about Kanban, I too fell victim to the stereotypes that Kanban is an easy escape from Scrum keeping to timeboxes. Oh, how wrong was I! It seems that so many people stop reading when they read: “Start with what you do now…” and not continue

6 Ways to Ensure Your Remote Software Developers Stay Productive

By |September 29th, 2022|

Tech companies are facing an important question: Should they go fully remote or keep their offices? If you ask software developers, they may suggest the former is better than the latter. According to the 2022 State of Remote Engineering Report, 75 percent of developers want to work remotely at

8 Time Management Hacks For Supply Chain Managers

By |September 14th, 2022|

Active time management is one of the main attributes of a supply chain manager. Effective time management may be challenging, but it can benefit you in many ways. Have you ever think why some people are more successful as entrepreneurs? It's not because they are working 24 hours a day.

7 Tips on How to Prevent Work-From-Home Burnout

By |September 9th, 2022|

No doubt, the state of work changed significantly in recent years. Among others, one of the biggest changes was the popularity of the work-from-home setup. Working from home has plenty of benefits. It is convenient since you no longer need to travel to the office. This is also great

8 Benefits of Strong Collaboration in the Workplace

By |September 8th, 2022|

The popular saying that two heads are better than one cannot be truer in the workplace. Collaboration in the workplace is an essential idea every business should incorporate – or at least consider. There are many things a business stands to gain when there is collaboration, including flexibility, transparency,

10 Ways to Collaborate on Video Projects with Your Team

By |August 22nd, 2022|

Filmmaking is an art that requires a group of creators to join hands and work together. Each person involved in the group has knowledge and expertise about an aspect others lack. This has made employee engagement crucial for teams assigned with video projects to ensure the best outcomes.  Nowadays,

Top Benefits of Using Kanban for Your SEO Business

By |August 19th, 2022|

Kanban is a popular project management methodology that has been adapted for use in many different industries. The idea behind Kanban is to help businesses visualize their workflows so that they can optimize them.  It is particularly well-suited to organizations that have to deal with a lot of changes

Kanban Boards for Students: How to Use Them

By |August 2nd, 2022|

While it is generally thought, and rightfully so, that Kanban boards are great for use by businesses of various sizes, these also have other uses that remain largely unexplored. The Kanban board can be a very effective tool for learning to be used by students and teachers alike. From

How to Turn Your Side Hustle to a Full-time Gig

By |July 29th, 2022|

Are you trying to turn your side hustle to a full-time gig? You’re not alone. Millions of people are trying to supplement their income by starting a side business out of a hobby or some idea they got while they were overworked by their main job. However, as the

Improve Team Collaboration and Efficiency with Kanban

By |July 26th, 2022|

Many teams have started looking for ways to reduce team members' stress and allow tasks to flow efficiently. One of the ways that project managers have started to implement is the Kanban method in their operations. The Kanban methodology was introduced by an engineer, Taiichi Ohno, who was working