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How Kanban Fosters Virtual Collaboration in Content Teams

Team collaboration is important when your creative output is connected to marketing. Creating content involves art, science, and strategy, and they’re all equally important, all of which can benefit from various kinds of collaboration. However, virtual collaboration can be challenging since not everyone can effectively explain their ideas. Not to mention the challenges that come with remote work arrangements. Being on the same page as the team allows you to see the same overall picture. Not only that but each member can understand

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How to Manage Business Processes Remotely During Post Pandemic

It’s been two years of fighting the COVID-19 virus, and we can finally say that we’re almost done with it. Systematic vaccinations and nationwide quarantine measures helped countries worldwide manage the pandemic, and now we have to think about what happens next. One of the main concerns is, of course, how to manage business processes more efficiently. Additionally, you will want to improve how you lead your team successfully in post-pandemic times.  The thing is that many people want to remain working at

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Top 6 Management Challenges in 2022 & How to Deal with Them

So much has changed in the work landscape in recent years that the management challenges we face today have also evolved. While most of these management challenges will seem familiar, the context in which they are experienced has greatly changed. In this post-pandemic era we live in, remote work has taken its root. And as teams work remotely, managers face new challenges to keep productivity, performance and engagement at high levels. Top 6 Management Challenges in 2022 We round up the top 6

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How to Run a Virtual Gemba Walk with Your Remote Team

An interesting landscape in the manufacturing scene is unfolding. Operating in a pandemic has forced manufacturing teams to rethink how they work. It’s very common for operators and workers to discuss face-to-face on a production floor, especially when there is a problem in the line or a machine. They speak close to each other to drown the noise within a factory. Supervisors and other team members go to the production floor to see what’s happening. This is what we call a Gemba walk.

4 Best Practices for a Hybrid Work Style

Before the tragic events of 2020, most firms had a one-track approach to work; they would hire in-person employees, and have them work together for nearly forty hours a week. There was hardly any talk about hybrid work. Looking back now, it may seem impossible that such conditions were so prevalent. But it was, and it was in place for so long because it was a tested and trusted system. It wasn't perfect, of course, but it delivered results.  However, things have changed.

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Why You Should Implement an Efficient Workflow Visualization

While brainstorming with my team on how to implement our change management process, I found myself drawing our workflow. Nobody told me to do it. Nobody stopped me either. I drew boxes on the whiteboard to represent each step and linked those boxes through arrows as we identified the sequence. After we were satisfied with it, one of our team members took a photo of our diagram and immediately transferred our visualized workflow onto our Kanban board. We could have enumerated the process

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6 Tips on Planning Effective Stand-up Meetings

One of the main ceremonies of Scrum is the Daily Stand-up Meeting or Daily Scrum. Daily stand-up meetings originated in software development but it’s no surprise if you’ll hear your sales, marketing, operations, or support teams having them. Because of its benefits, daily stand-up meetings have been happening outside of software development teams. If you haven’t done a daily stand-up with your team and are curious to start one, we’re giving you six surefire tips to plan and run effective stand-up meetings. What

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How to Run a Productive Remote Lean Coffee

Almost everyone I know is working remotely or has experienced it. This move from work offices to home offices has brought challenges for managers in keeping collaboration fluid and productive. The distance can pose some inconveniences and challenges for teams to communicate and collaborate. Leaders must take advantage of technology and use this to bridge their teams and the greater organization. It’s already difficult to keep everyone engaged in an in-person meeting. The difficulty doubles when conducting remote team meetings. So, it is

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How the Pandemic is Changing the State of Remote Work in 2021

The pandemic fast-tracked the evolution of remote work and has been the talk of the town ever since. Before the pandemic, the state of remote work was different and the practice was always thought of as a privilege and a nice perk that companies offer. Now, remote work has become the norm and all companies are forced to adapt. Everyone had to create a crisis plan as fast as they could. We at Kanban Zone even prepared a pandemic preparedness plan adapted from

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5 Mistakes You Might Be Making In Virtual Meetings and Team Chats

Virtual meetings in team chat software have become more and more common in companies. However, without enough know-how on making your virtual meetings a success, you’ll risk making mistakes along the way – some of them unintentional on your part. Although preparedness won’t keep you from making any possible blunders, it helps you be ready for any worst-case scenarios which you can counter while still meeting the agenda. Here are five mistakes to avoid when conducting virtual meetings. Not Acknowledging Time Zones Although

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