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Professional Services

As shared in our story about Why 2 Agile Coaches Built a Kanban Tool, the co-founders of Kanban Zone software are highly experienced, each having 15+ years of experience providing Agile coaching and training in services.

We also have a team of coaches helping individuals, teams and organizations unleash their full potential by utilizing the Kanban method, as well as other Agile and Lean Thinking techniques. The significant advantage that Kanban Zone provides is the ability to leverage our software to provide these professional services.

Don’t forget that we are not consultants, we are coaches. Our goal is not to make our customers dependent on us, but rather to empower and enable our customers with the skills and knowledge to be amazing without us. Our #1 priority is to instill a culture of continuous improvement. We set the tone at the start with clear expectations, we lead by example and we ensure a smooth exit.

Our role as coaches is to push our customers outside of their comfort zone, experiment with proven methods to inspect and adapt the results. Together, through facilitated sessions, we will make sure that your team embraces positive behaviors that become natural over time.

Services aligned to your needs

For large organizational transformations, we highly recommend starting with a leadership workshop to ensure buy-in and support from the leaders, before engaging the rest of the organization. In our experience, skipping this initial step will cause delays and prevent the organization from successfully sustaining the newly learned behaviors.

As we engage with our clients, we will collaboratively confirm the ideal level of services. For example, if a single team needs a refresher or very specific help, then we might just provide a single workshop with a few follow-up sessions to ensure that the team stays on track.

The key is to have clarity on your goals so that we can work together on achieving these using the most efficient approach.

“Kanban Zone Coaching made my productivity skyrocket”

Kanban Zone has helped me structure my thoughts in my day-to-day work, and has also helped me to organize my personal time. Over the course of a few weeks, I literally saw my productivity improve as I moved to Done. This not only helped me shape my ideas, but also was very satisfying at an emotional level as I dragged each card to the next stage.
PabloPablo Azar, Financial Economist

Not sure where to start

We will help you confirm your objectives, define the real problem to solve, and then provide the ideal solution to reach your goals. We can also help identify success metrics upfront so that we can measure our result, and stay aligned during this journey of continuous improvement.

All we need to do to get started is to schedule an initial consultation. During this session usually conducted over a video call, we will confirm that we have a mutual fit and all the information needed to provide a proposal.

Contact us to inquire about our professional services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only provide services online or also in person?2022-04-09T02:24:31-07:00

Our services can be delivered online or in person. We have found that the level & quality of engagement and participation is quite comparable. However, services that can be provided virtually are much more cost effective. It eliminates the time and cost of travel, which would be billed to customers, and increases the amount of time a coach is available to work directly with a customer. For example, when coaching virtually we can quickly schedule or join a session with little lead time. This permits us to be there when we are most needed, instead of just when we are physically there in person.

What is the cost of professional services?2022-04-09T02:24:52-07:00

Our rates are based on the type of services and the level of seniority of the assigned coach. Since professional services are customized for each customer, we provide the flexibility of working from a set of billable hours or a monthly retainer model. Once we confirm the ideal program for our customers, we provide a Statement of Work (SOW) and track all deliverables in Kanban Zone. For Kanban Zone enterprise customers (200+ licenses), professional services and software subscriptions can be combined in a custom plan.

Do you include free coaching with your Kanban Zone software?2022-04-09T02:25:06-07:00

Yes. The level of free coaching provided is determined by your software subscription. Also, our support team is always ready to help and can request a coach to work directly with our customers when needed. You may also submit a request to our support team to work with a coach.

Do you only provide professional services on your Kanban Zone software?2022-04-09T02:25:19-07:00

No. We always use our Kanban Zone software to track and deliver our services.  However, some customers may already have multiple tools in place and only  need us to coach and train them using their current platform. Although we strongly believe that Kanban Zone is the ideal software, we focus on the mutually agreed goals of the engagement. Switching to Kanban Zone may or may not be part of the solution. If not, then we ensure that the customer has the resources to implement what’s needed on their current platform and only use the Kanban Zone software to model the ideal solution.

Unleash the power of visual management!

Boost traceability, and collaboration across all organizational levels with Kanban Zone!

No credit card | No contract | No risk

Unleash the power of visual management!

Boost traceability, and collaboration across all organizational levels with Kanban Zone!

No credit card | No contract | No risk