Release Notes > 8/30/2019

It’s been a little longer than usual to publish our release notes, as the hot summers in Arizona USA can cause our brains to fry and we also take more vacation to escape the heat, but we have some very exciting improvements to share…

We are excited to announce our first Application Program Interface (API) to integrate with Kanban Zone, the ability to attach from a url, a simple way to track the completion date on tasks, as well as other improvements and fixes.


We are adding more ways to integrate with Kanban Zone by launching our first API to create a new card. We have published our API documentation, to access the latest information about how to use our API. Under Options > Board Settings > Board > API Key you will be able to access everything needed to integrate with a specific board.

Kanban Zone - API Key

Please note that before seeing the organization Access ID and API Key, you must generate it first under Account > Organization Settings > API Key.

Learn more about this API in this recent blog.

Attach by URL

Attaching information to a Kanban card is very helpful and in addition to creating attachments from cloud solutions like Google, Dropbox, OneDrive, and directly from your PC… Now you can simply provide a URL to create an attachment.

Kanban Zone - attach by URL

Learn more about attachments by consulting this knowledge base article.

Show completion date on tasks

Using checklists on Kanban cards is a great way to breakdown the work into smaller tasks. These can be assigned to a specific task owner and also have a due date at the task level. One of our customers requested a way to see when these tasks actually got completed. We listened and provided this simple, yet effective solution…