As we continue to improve Kanban Zone, many of our customers are seeking ways to integrate their systems with Kanban Zone and now that’s possible with our first Application Program Interface (API). We will be adding many more APIs, but we started with the most important and obvious… Creating a new card.

Why create a new card using an API?

Many of our customers use Kanban Zone to create the ideal Kanban board to flow their work from ideation to completion. Before this API, the information to enter on a card might be captured in a separate system and then added or imported into Kanban Zone. Now you can use this API to directly create a card from your website or application.

The possibilities are endless, but more importantly, by creating cards directly on your Kanban board, you reduce the lead time and therefore get the work faster in front of your team.

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How do I get started with using this API?

Although it’s very simple to use a REST API, you will want to engage one of your software developers to read our API documentation. Everything needed to use our Application Program Interface is fully documented to save you time and keep your software developers happy.

The first step is to generate the API key and your organization’s access ID, as well as capture the ID of the board where you want your cards to be created. Then let your software developer make magic!

Kanban Zone - API Key

You can read step by step instructions in our knowledge base.

This is only the beginning. We are already expanding options with creating cards and working on our next APIs, but don’t worry, you can always stay up to date by accessing our API documentation.

What will you do with this Application Program Interface? What are you seeking to integrate with Kanban Zone? We are excited to hear from you, so don’t be shy and send us your feedback, so we can continue to improve the way you work.

Did this blog inspire you?

Once you start visualizing your work in Kanban Zone, you will be surprised how much faster it gets done!

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