Happily, there are lots of updates to share…

Let’s start with Table zone, which lets you access all of your data in a single table view, with many options to slice and dice your data.

Our Board Designer is still the most flexible way to create any board you can imagine online, but now it’s even better! We cleaned up the look and added new options such as the ability to set Minimum WIP limits.

To show you the incredible level of flexibility and functionality available with this updated Board Designer, we have added multiple board templates in a new category called Visual Boards.

Table Zone

Instead of building countless customized reports to satisfy each of our customers’ specific needs, all of your data will be available in a table view in Table zone. In Table zone you now have the option to display the data from one or multiple boards, allowing you to have greater flexibility to create customized reports to better suit your personal needs.

Table Zone

With Table zone you can now:

  • Group one or multiple columns to aggregate your data.
  • You can sort, filter, pivot, export and even create charts on the fly from the data you have selected.
  • Custom fields are even more powerful because they can now be fully analyzed in this Table.

There is so much more to share about Table zone, so click here to learn more…

Note: Table zone is currently only available on Enterprise plans or during your free trial. Therefore, if you don’t see this new Table zone option in the navigation, it means that you are on a Personal or Startup plan. We will soon be adding the option to purchase Table zone as an add-on to the Personal or Startup plan.

Improved Board Designer

The best way to explain the improvements is to provide you a comparison of the previous vs new layouts in Board Designer. All of the functionality that currently exists in the current Board is still there with a more user-friendly interface.

Old Board Designer

Old Board Designer

New and Improved Board Designer

Kanban Zone - Board Designer

Here are a few highlights of the most exciting improvements:

  • The Backlog column is not part of Board Designer.
  • You can collapse/expand every column.
  • In addition to setting Maximum WIP limits, you can now also set Minimum WIP limits.
  • Containers that can hold other card containers as columns or rows now also have Explicit Agreement.
  • Adding new columns is much easier with the + drop zones.

There are many more features to share about the new Board Designer, so click here to learn more….

Visual Boards

When we first created Kanban Zone, our sole purpose was only to focus on Kanban boards. However, thanks to the input and feedback from our creative customers, the Board Designer has become so much more than just Kanban boards. To give you a glimpse of all the possibilities available in Kanban Zone, we have started to share, albeit not Kanban board, very useful Non-Kanban Templates.

Visual Boards

As shown in the screenshot above, when you add a new board in Kanban Zone, you will see a new section called Visual Boards, which lists all of the available templates. The ones shown here are just a few examples with more to come…

The best example is the Kanban Zone Business Model Canvas, which enables you to collaborate with others to create the best business model for your organization. We have also added an Editorial Calendar to show you that you can truly create just about anything that looks like a board, Kanban or not, with Kanban Zone.

Be on the lookout for additional templates to come and go crazy with our Board Designer!

As always, if you find an issue or feel something could be improved, please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback so that we can continue to improve Kanban Zone. You will never hurt our feelings, so don’t be shy. We would love to hear from you because your feedback is important to us.

– The Kanban Zone Team