Improve Team Collaboration and Efficiency with Kanban

Many teams have started looking for ways to reduce team members' stress and allow tasks to flow efficiently. One of the ways that project managers have started to implement is the Kanban method in their operations. The Kanban methodology was introduced by an engineer, Taiichi Ohno, who was working for Toyota. When inventory management became a problem for the company, Ohno conducted research to develop a project management system that made the responsibilities of team members transparent and understandable. Thus, Ohno came up with the Kanban methodology, which became applicable to every type of industry as the method evolved and became more popular. This article will give an overview to the reader of how the Kanban method works and its ability to improve team collaboration between team members. What is the Kanban method? The Kanban method is a visual method for managing a team's workflow. When project managers implement