Release Notes > 5/14/2019

We are pleased to announce 2 new exciting features:

Please continue to send us your feedback, so that we can continue to improve Kanban Zone. Our upcoming release notes will include these customer requests: watching columns and an API to create cards.

Card Templates

As you flow cards on your Kanban boards, you might notice that some of your cards follow a similar pattern… Wouldn’t be nice if you could save time by creating standard cards? Well, now you can with the new Card Template add-on, which is included in all paid plans.

Add On Card Templates Card Template

Above is a card template example to create new user stories. This template has a default description to ensure a consistent story format and a checklist with a standard task to illustrate the Given-When-Then format of capturing effective acceptance criteria.

Below you can see how creating new cards is faster by letting your board members select from a list of existing templates.

Add On Card Templates Addcard

Learn more about this new feature and read this knowledge base article. for step by step instructions on how to use it.

Recurring Cards

Once you create a card template, you can then set a recurrence to create cards automatically based on the schedule of your choice (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).