It’s been a long time since we launched a new premium add-on, but we are very excited about this one. The name sounds simple, but the application for this add-on can significantly improve your collaboration across multiple boards within your organization… It’s called Mirror Cards!

Our other announcement is regarding improvements to our paid plans. We will detail below what to expect and how you can get ready to take advantage of this.

Mirror Cards

Have you ever felt the need to share a card across multiple boards? Now you can by creating mirrors of any card. It’s simple, just click the new Mirror option on a card and select the board for this card to be mirrored. All changes done on any mirrored card will be reflected on all other mirrored cards.

card with mirrors on card edit

The use cases for using mirror cards are infinite and very powerful to improve collaboration. You can learn more about this exciting feature by reading real life applications related to project management, vendor management and knowledge sharing. For more in depth information about using Mirror Cards take a look at our knowledge base article.

Upcoming Plan Changes

We have been offering flat rate plans to help individuals and startups get started with Kanban Zone at very low cost, but also restrictive options. Based on customer feedback, the need for more flexibility with licenses and access to advanced features is more important than limited low cost plans, so here is what to expect…

We are serving two distinct audiences:

  • Personal Kanban – individuals or small teams seeking basic Kanban functions
  • Portfolio Kanban – multiple teams or full organizations seeking advanced Kanban functions

The Personal plan will continue to exist under that name, but will be a blend of the current Personal and Startup plans. Instead of having set licenses and flat fees, this Personal plan will be per license to provide the flexibility of choosing exactly how many licenses you need.

The current Enterprise plan will be split between two plans: Portfolio and Enterprise. Both will function exactly the same as our current Enterprise plan, but the Portfolio will have a license limit of 250. For organizations that need more than 250 licenses, we will now offer volume pricing and dedicated solutions to better serve larger organizations. These solutions can include professional services providing ongoing dedicated support.

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